A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Shoe of the week becomes the Shoe Factor

This week I've visited Kurt Geiger to see what they have on offer and I'm spoiled for choice.  So this week I am offering two potentials for shoe of the week and its up to you to decide which pair should win the ultimate award 'Shoe of the Week'.

Think of this as Shoe Factor where you are Simon Cowell but in a world where you can definitely pull off the high-waisted trouser look! Both contestants are in the KG by Kurt Geiger category.

So, contestant one is pictured above, Echinacea is multi-talented shoe available in four colours: Ruby red, black, nude and brown (this is really leopard-print with a red bow). Priced between £150 - £160, The platform, super high-heeled Echinacea also sports a removable bow - so she's versatile to what style you feel in the mood for, pity that all x-factor contestants aren't that talented!

Now the second contestant, Incredible, priced at £130 is a little cheaper than Echinacea but don't say it to her face! Available in various colours proving she's just as talented as her peers.  Available in tan, pink and black, there's also a multi-coloured pair too but she couldn't make the audition. With her strap design and chunky heel, Incredible will entertain your wardrobe through all the seasons: from summer dresses to teaming up with thick tights for those winter days.

So there you have it, your decision could change their life. So let me know who you decide has the X Factor!  


Anonymous said...

enchinacea for me in every shade

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I choose the first pair! KG have got their sale on at the mo!

CameronPoe2409 said...

ooh we have a deadlock! Lets see if we get more votes!

Claudia said...

LOVE the Echinacea pair! Preferably in red, but other shades would work too.

jamie-lee said...

The second shoe is my fave... it's like.. the perfect summer shoe!


Victoria said...

I LOVE them both, but I think the second pair get my vote, they are gorgeous! xxx

Life's a shoe said...

sigh, I really love shoes with bows!!!!