A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Something for the weekend

Well, we are coming to the end of another Bank Holiday weekend and I was really pleased with myself yesterday. For drinks with the girls, I had the opportunity to showcase the newest addition to my shoe collection. I wore these luscious coral heels with some superskinny indigo ankle length jeans, a new lace/cami vest and a blue pinstripe jacket that I've owned for a number of years.  Accessories were some nude jewellery and my mum's vintage tan mini-satchel.  I felt fab, first time in ages (although I have a bit of a bad head today) and was inspired to wear a mixture of old and new, vintage and different fabrics/patterns by years of watching SATC.

Which leads me on to an article in the Daily Mail today about SATC and fashion. Its really critical of the fashion, I just don't think the writer gets SATC. Not everyone religiously wears what Carrie Bradshaw and Co wears,  but you can take aspects of it and create your own fashion statements and it simply made fashion fun.  It gave me some inspiration on how I could wear vintage and most importantly highlighted  a woman's right to shoes! What I love about the Mail, is the readers comments with a lot disagreeing with the article and its merits.  They are definitely not backwards in coming forwards if you know what I mean!

A reporter also road-tests the new Poundland makeup range  I'm not convinced that getting a make-up look for around £6 is the way forward.  As I am getting to the big Forty milestone, I'm fully aware of how you need to invest money in your make-up to enhance your looks and make you feel fresh as a daisy.  I use Benefit makeup and I don't think I'll be swayed to choose a cheaper option - what about you?

Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Sun has got its hat on

Finally the sun has appeared just in time to enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend!  I'm busy planning an outfit for tonight's drinks out with the girls.  I have some gorgeous coral heels to plan an outfit round (separate post later).  I read in an article that Coral is the new Black but I've yet to agree.

Just a quick update on my Domestic Goddess status; pictured are my beautiful hydrangeas, I'm just deciding the right place to put them but they seem to be thriving.  I think I might also do some cupcake baking on my
days off this weekend too!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Countdown to being fabulous

I'm soo excited, well I can imagine so are a lot of ladies! The Sex and the City 2 premiere was held in NYC and of course our four ladies looked absolutely gorgeous, with SJP leading the way in a beautiful yellow Valentino gown. Unfortunately Liza Minnelli looked like a fashion disaster on the red carpet but I'm sure she'll make up for it in the film with her rendition of 'All the Single Ladies'.

Just for the record, whilst Aiden walks back into Carrie's life (in a Moroccan Souk, how to live life the SATC way?!) I have always been a fan of Big, he is quite simply the man.

Whilst everyone, no doubt, will be rushing to the cinema this weekend, I will wait a week to avoid the crush. I just don't think my high heels could take it. xx

Monday, 24 May 2010

Inner Domestic Goddess - where for art thou?

Currently, I feel lacking in the domestic goddess department.   This isn't helped by the fact that I am a great lover of creating 'To Do' lists and my list of 2010 New Years Resolutions include 'to be a domestic goddess', halfway down the list of 10 things that I wanted to achieve this year. 

I've got to admit this really isn't my fault, we are halfway through our hallway renovations and I simply have to make do with  flooring stored in my dining room, parts of skirting boards in the garden, not to mention half the contents of our under stairs storage  re-homed in the guest bedroom. With the electrician booked in for Friday and the painter (our good friend Lee) arriving tomorrow, its now time to choose a carpet and think about how I'm going to accessorise the hallway.  Once the work is completed, with the help of my lists I'm going to tackle getting the rest of the house back to normality and really work at being the domestic goddess that I know I can be.  I've started preparing myself already, I've just purchased a beautiful pink hydrangea plant (my favourite flower) to place on my patio and I plan to consult my cookery books and bake a batch of cupcakes for the Bank Holiday weekend.

 I must dash now, I can feel my inner goddess calling!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

The future's tangerine for Blackpool

This weekend has been momentous for Blackpool with a win at Wembley taking the football team into the premiership (or Division One as it used to be known) for the first time in over 30 years.  I'm not a huge football fan but I am interested in what this means for my home town.  Blackpool has a regeneration project that has seen the Golden Mile changed into a lovely promenade but there is still work to be done.

Here's hoping that the extension to the football, additional funding and new visitors to the town bring much needed money and opportunities for this town.  Whilst I can't see Harvey Nichols being built any time soon, I would be great to get some more shops on the high street and perhaps a couple of decent bars where I could enjoy a decent mojito.  What more could a girl ask for?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I can dream, can't I

I'm back at work and the house renovations are continuing, so my house is covered in dust and sawdust. While I'm fed up with the mess, I know that its worth the wait to see this next stage completed on giving our home a new lease of life.

Fingers crossed, I'll soon be making some grand exits from my lovely new hallway just like the picture. Hmmm, might just have to acquire some foxy,new red shoes to complete the look. I think the shoes would really enhance the look of the hallway - who needs an ornamental umbrella stand or a Yukka plant! A great pair of shoes sitting prettily on my fabulous new hard wood floors would easily do the job instead. Some shoes really are a work of art after all!

(image courtesy of istock)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Shopping at mum's boutique

My mum is 61 although you wouldn't believe it. Here she is, pictured with me on my hen night. I'm hoping that me and my sisters have inherited her youthful skin, but I definitely take after her with a love of shoes!

I've been reviewing my wardrobe lately and updating it with essentials but in a spendthrift way. Recently I did need to buy a new pair of jeans but resisted the lure of a linen pinstripe jacket. I thought about similar jackets I had back in my wardrobe that were already suitable, saving myself a couple of pounds too. But I still wanted some new additions to my wardrobe, I just did not want to spend money to acquire them.

I love vintage but my collection is limited to brooches and the occasional bag. Unfortunately, as mum is under 5' and a size 4 inheriting some of her wardrobe is definitely not a possibility. However, her accessory drawer is one size fits all!

So recently,  I've acquired some enamel earrings from the eighties that I remember my mum wearing on her nights out that are simply gorgeous. I think these are perfect for summer.

I've also grabbed some small tan satchels for a skinny jeans, jacket and coral shoe outfit I'm working on for a birthday meal (mum's 62nd) at a new Greek restaurant that's opened (will post the outfit once completed).  Now looking to the future, my niece,  little Miss O,  has started to develop her own style now so perhaps I can guide her along the way. Then one day she can inherit these family heirlooms and more from my own collection.


Sunday, 9 May 2010

I'm a little bit jealous . . .

I've quite proud of myself, I've not bought any shoes for quite a few months now and its given me a chance to give some of my neglected shoes an airing.  This should give me more value for money ie number of wears against cost but I've started to get that feeling that I need a new acquisition to my collection!  This has increased since my sister  Tara showed me her new purchase from River Island.  I'm quite jealous; these fit the nude trend this season and I've yet to find my perfect pair of nude shoes on the high street.

These are definitely statement shoes and I love the hot pink heel and cut out detail.

 The bow detail at the front are super cute!

It's a pity Tara is a size five, I'd have loved to borrow them for a night out, althought I might have had to sneak these out of her wardrobe!  Now all she has to do is find the right outfit to really show off the shoes.  I've suggested a little black dress (LBD) with a skinny hot pink belt.  Now all I need to do is find myself a fabulous pair of shoes, an LBD and arrange a girls night out to show off those shoes and maybe have a couple of mojitos . . .

Friday, 7 May 2010

A cupcake a day chases the blues away

Today, I escaped the house renovations for a couple of hours for a catch-up with one of my best friends Jo. After a week of living in dust, dealing with bored two Jack Russells and being absolutely freezing due to cold weather, I was definitely in need of a a coffee and a cupcake!

Whilst we don't have the luxury of living in a city where you can pop to either the Hummingbird or Magnolia Bakeries (though just sometimes being a city girl would be fabulous), Blackpool does have a good cupcake cafe - cupcake -that fully satisfies our Carrie Bradshaw or Victory Ford cupcake cravings. I have to admit that I've got a slight addiction to cupcakes but try to limit myself to just an occasional visit to Cupcake. Freshly baked cupcakes are in a class of their own and shop-bought, over-produced cakes don't really cut the mustard, if you know what I mean!

As per usual, Vikki (owner and baker of Cupcake) did us proud with a variety of cupcakes to choose from. Today I went for a cookies and cream while Jo chose a Raspberry Ripple.

With cupcakes, lattes and cups of tea, we were able to catch up on the latest gossip from Greys Anatomy, True Blood, Flashforward as well as a discussion on essential holiday packing required for a trip to the states. Of course, a discussion on the election results was high on the agenda.

I could have stayed there all day but the call of the shops were hard to resist, although I only window-shopped on this occasion. Cupcake also gives cupcake decorating classes so I might have to indulge myself in a couple of lessons and awaken my inner domestic goddess!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hmmmm . . .

On my daily searches for shoe-related online articles (just in case I spot a new addition to add to my collection) I spotted this on the  toxel.com site.  I'm not sure if some of them would make it onto my shopping list, my favourites are boxy ones, but I would be really interested to know if anyone has got a pair of those killer heels and lived to tell the tail!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Why SJP has got my vote

While checking out the latest news on the election, I spotted this article on Sarah Jessica Parker in the Daily Mail. It makes a nice diversion from wondering who will be in power next week. SJP has been my number one style crush since the first episode of Sex and the City. All these years later, she still one on the most stylish celebs to be seen a red carpet and looks absolutely gorgeous. Even Carrie Bradshaw would be coveting this outfit.