A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Something for the weekend

Well, we are coming to the end of another Bank Holiday weekend and I was really pleased with myself yesterday. For drinks with the girls, I had the opportunity to showcase the newest addition to my shoe collection. I wore these luscious coral heels with some superskinny indigo ankle length jeans, a new lace/cami vest and a blue pinstripe jacket that I've owned for a number of years.  Accessories were some nude jewellery and my mum's vintage tan mini-satchel.  I felt fab, first time in ages (although I have a bit of a bad head today) and was inspired to wear a mixture of old and new, vintage and different fabrics/patterns by years of watching SATC.

Which leads me on to an article in the Daily Mail today about SATC and fashion. Its really critical of the fashion, I just don't think the writer gets SATC. Not everyone religiously wears what Carrie Bradshaw and Co wears,  but you can take aspects of it and create your own fashion statements and it simply made fashion fun.  It gave me some inspiration on how I could wear vintage and most importantly highlighted  a woman's right to shoes! What I love about the Mail, is the readers comments with a lot disagreeing with the article and its merits.  They are definitely not backwards in coming forwards if you know what I mean!

A reporter also road-tests the new Poundland makeup range  I'm not convinced that getting a make-up look for around £6 is the way forward.  As I am getting to the big Forty milestone, I'm fully aware of how you need to invest money in your make-up to enhance your looks and make you feel fresh as a daisy.  I use Benefit makeup and I don't think I'll be swayed to choose a cheaper option - what about you?

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Leonie said...

First of all- Loving the shoes! Omg! They are sooo SATC! I wish I could walk in heels hehe.

Secondly- I have also read the Daily Mail review, and it's just shit (to be honest, I read the Daily Mail like a blog- it's all just opinions!). I'm pretty sure they don't know anything about fashion! And I totally agree with your comment about being inspired from the SATC girls and then making it your own!

Loving the blog btw, thank you for your lovely comments!