A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

In search of Banksy

Clifton Suspension Bridge

I've had another busy week this week so haven't been able to blog much until now so apologies for late comment approvals or replies to all your lovely comments.

I've just spent a long weekend in Bristol with my husband after taking my in-laws to visit relatives in the city.  Things I've learnt about Bristol: famous residents have included JK Rowling to Blackbeard the Pirate, Tarmac, Ribena and Concorde were first made in Bristol, it's home to the Clifton Suspension Bridge which is higher, from bridge to water below, than the Golden Gate Bridge and its also where Banksy is from.

Rather than a weekend of cocktails and cool bars, we decided to chill out, relax and do a spot of sight-seeing. We took some bottles of red wine for back at the hotel (the Premier Lodge at Emersons Green which I can highly recommend as a good base for visiting Bristol and the surrounding areas) and treated ourselves to some lovely cheese and crackers from Sainsburys.  It was great just to chill out and watch the X-Factor after a day seeing the sights, despite a disappointing result - Wagner, seriously!

We visited a cute market town Chipping Sodbury full of organic butchers, cake shops and the smallest town hall I've ever seen. I can only imagine this town is gorgeous at Christmas, I saw some pictures there when it snowed last year and it was so pretty.

We didn't have enough time to visit the city centre (but we will return) but we did go to Clifton which is has some lovely bistros and bars, unfortunately was quite busy so difficult to park but we did manage to drive across the suspension bridge and take a walk over. Now I never knew I had a problem with heights until now, but when I was halfway across the bridge I made the big mistake of looking down and basically went weak at the knees!  I actually felt quite nauseous.  I did at one point think about asking my husband to walk back across the bridge alone to pick up the car and come back for me but he also was a bit afraid too.  Gripping eachother's hand we slowly made our way back across, we must have looked like we were having a romantic moment but we were gripping those hands like our lives depended on it!

We also visited the Mall at Cribbs Causeway where my husband bought me some shoes for my birthday that I'd nominated as a shoe of the week post.  I also discovered the Twenty One shop, which we don't have up North, where I managed to get a couple of bargains: socks, slippers and a bodywarmer with hood to use when walking the dogs.

When visiting a city I always like to make a list of things I should see.  For Bristol, it was to find a Banksy. We knew that there was one in the Fishponds area, less than 15 minutes away from the hotel but could we find it! Despite numerous trips down an extremely long road, we couldn't find it, even with Sat Nav. So unfortunately this will be an outstanding item on my list until our return visit to Bristol in 2011. If anyone can tell me where in Fishponds the Banksy is, I'd be more than grateful; there's nothing I hate more than unfinished lists!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Shoe of the week

I don't want a lot for Christmas . . .
I've noticed a few bloggers has started posting about their Christmas wish lists, so I thought that I'd better get writing mine!  Obviously my shoe of the week will definitely be on the list - hey I can dream can't I!

These Brian Atwood mauve leather pumps with embellished chain detail on the heel are available at NET-A-PORTER and priced at £720 .  With a six inch heel and hidden one inch platform, these shoes will definitely require a limo-to-venue policy.  Brian Atwood's shoes have been spotted on Posh and Eva Mendes to name a few stars who've also fallen in love with Mr Atwood's designs. 

The price of some designer shoes still manage to amaze me, these shoes are worth more than one and a half times the value of my car.  I wonder if NET-A-PORTER would accept my car as a trade-in? If so, those shoes better be made for walking!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The replacement issue

So the search continues for the missing shoe, there have still been no sightings.  If Crimewatch could add a new 'missing shoe' section then I'd definitely be reporting this 'crime'. 

It put me in a wardrobe dilemma, I needed to buy a pair of flat shoes to go with some wide palazzo pants I've got for work, not that I need an excuse to buy shoes!.  Rather than stick to classic black, these printed Sacha London pumps at my local Dorothy Perkins can't my eye.  Reduced to £17, they were also a great option for my purse strings!

They were accompanied by a little dust bag (why can't all shoes have these!) in a great silver shoe box and were wrapped in tissue paper. They would have made a perfect gift to someone, well I would have been happy to receive them.

They've got a lovely print and chain detail at the front.  They also feel more sturdy then some of the cheaper options on the high street.  I wore them for work today and can't definitely give them the thumbs up, they were very comfortable. 

They are now safely tucked up on my wardrobe shelf away from prying paws!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

It's a Mad world

I have to thank Make Do Style for this, it definitely gave me something to do while the football was on!

If you want to dream of living in the Mad Men, world then this online game gives you the chance to create your own character in the Sterling Cooper Universe. 

Well done

Congratulations to Tamara Mellon who has been awarded an OBE for services to the fashion industry. I love her outfit for the Palace but to be honest I'd have made her a Dame for creating Jimmy Choo! 

Now I wonder if the Queen has a pair of Jimmy Choos stashed in a wardrobe at Buckingham Palace?

Monday, 18 October 2010

Shoe of the week

This week, I've taken a look at Mango.  I often forget to check out Mango as its not on my high street (sadly) so its a case of 'out of sight, out of mind'.  There's not a wide range of shoes available online and the colours seem limited mainly to black and tan but there is still a couple of items that I would definitely have added to my shopping trolley.

These sandals come in two colours, are priced at £69.90 and have a 10.5 cm killer heel. I also quite like the let us suggest section that shows some of their products that would really go with the shoes, I especially like the high waisted trousers. 

PS, Echinacea won last week's shoe factor, thanks for the 'votes'!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Introducing Harvey the shoe lover

This is our semi-permanent house guest - Harvey Valentine - a rough-haired Jack Russell, that seems to attract muck like a magnet and has a love of shoes that more than equals mine.  We're not sure how it started or why, he has always been this way.  It's like a shoe is his comfort blanket, he either has to have one by his side or if one of us is walking through the front door then he has a mad search to bring us a shoe like its a gift.

We've had a couple of mishaps along the way; usually I can restrict Harvey's access to shoes so that he can only enjoy my husbands old pair of trainers but previous a pair of M&S gold ballet pumps suffered a premature death.   Sadly I'm now suffering a Cinderella moment as my Zara ballet pumps have fallen victim to Harvey!  I now can only locate one shoe, the other has not been since for other a month despite numerous searches, I was considering the coastguard but I think Harvey is more than a match for them. 

I'm preserving the rest of my shoe collection by buying some plastic boxes to store away my shoes and thank goodness he can't reach the shelves in my wardrobe!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Something that makes me smile

I've been inspired by a fellow blogger Page Sixxx who blogged about one of her favourite skirts and asked what made you smile.

Now I've had this cropped gold brocade (not sure if I've spelt that right) jacket from M&S for a couple of years now.  My mum bought it for my birthday after I spotted it while passing through the store.

Its got an ornate brooch which classes as the button,

The sleeves are wide and cropped.

It think its the colour, texture and the pattern of jacket that just really makes it pleasing to me it.  Considering the material is quite delicate, its quite easy to wash too! (Always a bonus in my mind)  I usually team the jacket with a simple top, skinny jeans and some gold heels. 

What items in your wardrobe make you smile?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Week-long sales alert

Barratts have launched a week-long sale with 20% off all shoes! Just in time if you are starting to plan your outfits for Xmas or adding to your work wardrobe!  A bonus offer of free delivery for orders of £50 or more is also available!

Shoe of the week becomes the Shoe Factor

This week I've visited Kurt Geiger to see what they have on offer and I'm spoiled for choice.  So this week I am offering two potentials for shoe of the week and its up to you to decide which pair should win the ultimate award 'Shoe of the Week'.

Think of this as Shoe Factor where you are Simon Cowell but in a world where you can definitely pull off the high-waisted trouser look! Both contestants are in the KG by Kurt Geiger category.

So, contestant one is pictured above, Echinacea is multi-talented shoe available in four colours: Ruby red, black, nude and brown (this is really leopard-print with a red bow). Priced between £150 - £160, The platform, super high-heeled Echinacea also sports a removable bow - so she's versatile to what style you feel in the mood for, pity that all x-factor contestants aren't that talented!

Now the second contestant, Incredible, priced at £130 is a little cheaper than Echinacea but don't say it to her face! Available in various colours proving she's just as talented as her peers.  Available in tan, pink and black, there's also a multi-coloured pair too but she couldn't make the audition. With her strap design and chunky heel, Incredible will entertain your wardrobe through all the seasons: from summer dresses to teaming up with thick tights for those winter days.

So there you have it, your decision could change their life. So let me know who you decide has the X Factor!  

Monday, 11 October 2010

I'm organised - are you?

Finally I've sorted out my wardrobe, with the excuse that I need to get organised for the colder months.  So pictured, is my now pristine wardrobe.  Summer items have been packed away, future car boot sales products have been registered, winter boots have been brought out of hibernation  . . .

Then what happens! The great British Weather decides to have some sort of a mini Indian Summer/heat wave.  Now I have pulled together my capsule working wardrobe, re-heeled my court shoes and dug out the opaque tights, the sun finally decides to appear.  Note to sun - where exactly have you been since July?

I have been sat in my office today when its 29.5c and someone has been wearing white linen pants and wedges!  This really means that I need to step up my plan to convert the attic into dressing room so that all my clothes are easily accessible for any season or weather condition (to be honest though, I really need to work on my outfits for snow days).

How is the weather for you? Are you dressed for it?

Sunny Blackpool

PS I have been good and only bought a couple of minor additions to my clothes for the next few months.  For the first time ever, I've properly been monitoring the trends with the help of the style Bloggers I follow, their posts have been amazing and worth checking out, links to the blogs I follow are on the front page of my blog.

Friday, 8 October 2010

A girl after my own heart

Kylie seems to have treated herself to some new items for her shoe closet (I imagine that she does have a shoe closet, possibly a massive one).  This week, she's been spotted about town wearing some of her new purchases - the YSL Mohawk pumps and the Louboutin Armony boots.  Both items I would be quite happy to see arrive in my wardrobe.  I'd spotted the Mohawks in a magazine and to be honest I wasn't that keen, but now I've seen someone wearing them, I've changed my mind. And now, its not just because the pop princess is wearing them!

Tomorrow is the first live X-Factor show, I can't wait to see wait Dannii has in store for us!

Must also give a special mention should also go to another (retired) pop princess Lily Allen, the pregnant mum-to-be was pictured shopping in Paris wearing killer heels.  No shopping in sensible shoes for our Lily!

Calling all barganistas!

Dorothy Perkins 20% off everything sale ends today.  For those who get carried away, those kind people at Dorothy Perkins are giving free delivery for orders over £75!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lisa versus Elle - you decide

The Next Top Models programmes are my guilty pleasure. Its one of the only reality series that I really enjoy,  from Tyra Bank's original series to its counterparts across the world.  The Next Top Model series is also produced in Germany, Australia and Canada, to name a few.  This year the British Next Top Model had a few changes for its sixth season; a change in host and judges and a live finale where the public decided the winner.

Now, I can't discount Elle 'The Body' Macpherson's credentials to be the host of a modelling competition but I honestly cannot see any improvement by replacing the original host Lisa Snowdon.  Lisa came across astute, friendly and interesting.  Elle surprisingly was really bland, repetitive and quite cold. Don't get me wrong she looked amazing but I wanted to be entertained rather than be in awe of her glamour!  I much prefer Lisa and hopes she returns for the next season, but I'm assuming that the producers want a big name to entice the viewers, who will be dumbstruck by the beauty displayed on TV and miss the fact that the conversation and feedback to contestants is bordering on basic.  Apologies to anyone who feels differently, its just my opinion.

The live finale was held this Monday, sadly due to TV scheduling I had to record it as I didn't think my husband could sit through 90 minutes of fashion.  After watching the finale the next day, I'm quite glad I didn't either.  The 90 minutes was stretched out with some runway displays by all the contestants, live performances by a couple of groups; The Saturdays stands out for all the wrong reasons, poor performance, poor vocals.  It was another of those programmes that could really have fitted in 30, maybe 40 minutes tops but was stretched to 90 minutes to ensure good revenue on the advertising breaks.  While I like X-Factor, it too is guilty of doing the same thing with the Sunday night show stretched out with repetitive clips and space fillers.  It does make me rather angry, its like they are tricking the viewers into thinking they are giving the viewers more but really they are just gaining revenue for the TV company!

While I was happy with the winner Tiffany, she was constantly good throughout the series, I hope they return back to the original format for the next series.  Did you want the programme, what did you think of it?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Add caption
As I've mentioned before, either at the end of summer or winter, I either pack away jumpers or store away t-shirts.  This also includes shoes and boots to save on storage room.  For the past five years, this pair of patent heels have had an airing during the colder months.  Bought, I think, for under £20 from Matalan because I loved the style.  They've got a great chunky heel I'd say around 4" and are slingbacks with a bow detail at the front. 

They aren't the comfiest of shoes, to be honest its more style over substance.  On a good day, like today, I managed to wear them for eight hours.  In reality, I could have taken them off after two hours and thrown them out of the office window but I wouldn't have been able to rock the wide leg pants and bare feet 'look' for the journey home.  I would have look like a crazy lady walking around Sainsburys but then again, hobbling around in pain wasn't the best way to finish my day.

I hate throwing out shoes, they have to be on their last legs before I confine them to the great shoe cupboard in the sky but I think this will be this pair's last season.  Sadly, they're not ageing well and on a comfort level, I'd rate them around -5.   They are just not improving with age.  I hate saying goodbye to shoes but I'd definitely think my feet will be glad to see the back of them!  Have you just had to give up trying to break in shoes?

Monday, 4 October 2010

Shoe of the week

This week, I'm researching work shoes, now these court shoes from Zara are perfect.  A low heel for comfort, patent for a bit of glam, and some tassles for detail.  Currently priced at £49.99. 

The Zara website also has a lookbook function where it shows you outfits to complement your shoes (or should that be the other way round?).  I'm not really sure I like the outfit used, its looks a bit too much like a catholic school uniform, I've been there, done that and worn the t-shirt.  I'm not sure I could really rock that look again over 25 years down the line.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Autumn cleaning

Its that time of year again, time to dig out those jumpers, boots and general winter clothes now that the colder months have arrived.  The weather hasn't been too bad yet, but I can honestly say rain, rain, go away . . .

I'm finally packing away my summer clothes and swapping them with the winter items I've had stored away in the attic.  I've discovered that I might be able to meet a trend for this year with a faux-fur gilet I bought in San Fransisco in 2004.  Its a bit bulky as its a reversible jacket, so I'm going to be a bit creative and re-tailor the jacket to change the lining, de-bulk it.  I also realise that I resort to Marl Grey tops and jumpers as a wardrobe staple, I think I'd need to mix them in with something bright. 

I've also established how many shoes I have in my collection; this includes shoes, boots, flats and flip flops . . .  The result is 46 pairs, some dating back around five years ago.  I'm not sure if this is too much or too little, whether I should rename my blog I don't have enough shoes!  Not that I always need an excuse to buy more.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Feeling a bit shortchanged

The heels have paid the price for all that mojitos and disco dancing

These days its important to look at your clothes and shoes to make them last, but doesn't it make you a little bit angry that some products on the high street aren't made to last? 

Take shoes, you buy them and they come with a little warning that the heels may need replacing due to wear and tear.  Kindly they provide a spare set of heels,  there to replace the worn-away pair that have died a death due to you pounding the streets or office.  This wouldn't be a problem if
1) the heels on the shoes at least lasted longer than a month
2) the quality of the heels (and replacements provided) were actually good quality. 

I think now the average price for re-heeling a pair of shoes could be anything from £5 and more.  It just adds onto the cost you've already paid out and I think we pay out enough.