A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wedding Shoes

I got married in 2009 in Vegas, we didn't have years to plan the wedding but wanted something small, not to fussy. Hence we went to Vegas! I didnt want a formal white wedding dress but something to go with my most treasured pair of shoes - Marc Jacobs I bought in San Fran a couple of years earlier (worthy of their own blog post later)The dress I chose was both different and not my first choice - it was salmon pink, had netted skirts and certainly didn't match my marc jacobs pale blue mary janes! However, finding the right shoes wasn't such a dilemma. I found a cute pair of silver shoes in New Look that really suited the dress. Another bonus was that they were kind of sixties style and reminded me of my mother's wedding shoes which I'd always liked. It helped me obtain a vintage style that I like and perfectly matched the vintage bouquet that a friend made for me. check out the picture!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Cowboy shoes and flipflops

I've got to mention my dad. Died too soon, just over two years ago. Whilst we ribbed him endlessly, he is fondly remembered for his footwear choices - from his 70's cowboy boots, his cherry red doc martens to his trusty flip flops that were dug out as soon as the sun started to break through the clouds. The strange thing was, that in the last few months before he died, his cowboy boots disappeared from the house never to be seen again. There was no mention of where he'd dispatched them to, no clues after the fact. I only hope 'him upstairs' allows flip flops in! x

How did it all start

My obsession or lifelong love affair with shoes started at an early age. I was unfortunate enough to need to wear god awful 'special' shoes for the first eight years of my life. 'Special' is a very loose term to use for these hulking,clumpy black joyless leather shoes. So since the day I was free to wear normal shoes like the rest of my friends, I've always ensured that my shoes were special in the right way.