A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Shoe of the week

This week's shoe is from Zara, at £29.99 these are gorgeous shoes, a perfect colour for summer and I don't think the price is that bad. 

Available in blue and fuchsia, so take your pick.  These would be perfect for your summer break whether you'll following the TOWIE gang to Marbella or hoping the rhythm is gonna get ya in Miami.  Now I definitely know what my choice would be.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Retail Therapy Fix

Times are hard for everyone and I'm trying to resist the temptation of just running off to town and spending copious amounts of money on pretty things that I possibly don't need. I have clothes in my wardrobe that haven't been worn yet, the weather is exceedingly crap and I need to save money for my big birthday milestone (posting later) so I have hidden my car keys and purse and stayed indoors this bank holiday weekend. 

However I did have a retail scratch to itch and needed to get some fresh air, so I took a walk to my local charity shop (for our local cancer hospice) and purchased a couple of things, a scarf from Tie Rack for £1 and a cute little ornament for £2.  So I gave a little money to charity and save myself from spending money on something that I don't really need, although resisting the temptation to spend on shoes is painful!  I'm building up a nice collection of scarves and the ornament is part of my collection that I'm building up for a vintage style dressing room that I'm hoping to get done in the next year.

I've been working a lot this past few months so this bank holiday weekend I have done NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING. I have just relaxed, caught up on my TV recordings, ate an M&S dine in for a tenner meal and drank red wine.  I have done a bit of house cleaning but simply doing nothing has been a bit weird and unnatural, I'm kind of antsy and feel guilty for doing nothing.  But I do feel really relaxed. how have you spent your bank holiday?
perfect condition curio £2

Tie Rack £1

Friday, 27 May 2011

SJP back on the big screen

Sarah Jessica Parker's returning to the big screen with the film adaptation of Allison  Pearsons's book I Don't Know How She Does It 

SJP plays Kate Reddy, a working mum of two whose the breadwinner of the family, the film really asks the question, can you really have it all?  Looks like its worth checking out at the cinema and I definitely don't need any excuse for some Ben and Jerrys and a couple of hours with the Style Queen SJP.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Shoe of the week

the best way to find your inner rock chick

Now these shoes from ASOS might just tick two boxes for me - 1) I can get my rock chick look down to a T and 2) I will have finally found a pair of shoe boots I like. 

I could have done with these boots tonight as I attended a battle of the bands event at my nephews college and the dress code was cool, like Skins. I will do a post later but during my hours spent with my thirteen year old niece I found out that I can't complement someone of their hair as its not the done thing and that I have a FOD - forehead of doom ie an extremely high forehead!).   I need these boots sending in a tied ribbon box to my house immediately just to make me feel better.

Having a busy week, so I'm planning to catch up on all your lovely blogs and reply to your great comments on Thursday.  Hope you'll all looking forward to the bank holiday weekend because I know I am. x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

What's your number?

There's still plenty of time to complete my poll about how many shoes you own or how much you like to spend on shoes.

Let me know how your shoe collection is going or how much you spend on shoes, you know you want to share the details!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

It's all yellow

My time management skills have gone to pot and with a sambuca hangover from hell, so I've been a bit slow in blogging this week.

Do you ever get obsessed with something you want and until you get it, then you'll never stop obsessing about it.

Well since I first saw these yellow shoes online, I have the urge to buy a yellow pair of shoes for summer despite the fact that the blooming sun has gone!  So I indulged my obsession and checked out what was online.

So I could buy these sandals from Next . . .

And I quite like these. . .

If I won the lottery, I would definitely have these . . .

but if the great British Weather continues I'll be needing these!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Liv's first pair of heels

Sometimes you don't realise how quick time flies.  It only seems like yesterday that my niece Liv was a little girl , now she's thirteen and has a better social calendar than me!  She just seems to have 'shot up' and grown into a lovely young woman.  She's developing her own style that suit a teenage budget but is also age-appropriate.  What's also great but has still taken me by surprise is that she knows what suits her and makes her own style choices, long gone are the days of buying her what I think she'd suit! 

She has a birthday party in a really cute club in Blackpool to go to and also my mum's birthday dinner in a few days, so she's bought two dresses for the occasions - a navy dress with scalloping, layered detail (for the club party) and a cream vintage style dress (for the birthday dinner) that I want her to wear with some brown lace up worker boots.  She's bought her first pair of heels for the party from New Look to wear with her new outfit.  The heel size is perfect for her first pair of heels, just right for dancing and perfect enough not to be a killer heel.  I had to think back to remember what my first heels were like, I bought them with wages from the hotel I worked at during the holiday season, they were a pair of cream satin stilettos - hey it was the eighties! What were your first heels?

Monday, 16 May 2011

No more Saturday style moments on TV

I know there are more important issues in the world right now* but I am slightly gutted that Dannii Minogue is not going to be a judge on the X-Factor this year.  Out of her and Cheryl, Dannii always led the way and it seems a real shame that she's not coming back as it looks like she wanted too.

Its not that I aspire to have her life or afford her wardrobe, I just really liked having those little style moments to look forward to: what she was wearing, how she styled her hair and what amazing cocktail ring she'd chosen for the night...  I'm not sure if I can relate, in a fashion and age sense, to the new planned judge(s).

You don't get many style moments on TV, so you savour anything that current TV programming throws your way, so having one less style icon on the box is not good news to me.

To get my fashion fixes: I avidly watch SATC repeats despite the fact that I have probably watched the entire series ten times over! I get a weekly fix of NYC style by watching Gossip Girl with Lily Bass leading the way with my secret style crush Blair Waldorf.  I adore the laid back chic of Calista Flockhart in Brothers and Sisters, she has that Ralph Lauren relaxed styling down to a T. I even have started watching repeats of Lipstick Jungle, just to satisfy my craving for a moment in style.  I think I am going to have to visit YouTube to reminisce about Dannii X Factor moments. 

Who is your TV style crush?

*I am conscious that anyone reading the blog might think I'm being superficial blogging about this when there are some many issues in our world today but other bloggers commentate on current issues so much more eloquently than I do, I could simply not do justice to the topics.

Shoe of the week

I cannot believe how rotten the May weather has been.  To cheer myself up, I decided to search for a pair of shoes that sum up what sunny really means.  The heel is 13.5cm so you're nearly touching the sky wearing these, perhaps we could reach and pull Mr Sun out from behind those clouds.

The shoes are from Schuh and there are a couple of options to get a free delivery which might save you a few pennies.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The shoe interview

I think this proves that H is one of Fit Flops biggest fans

I've not interviewed anyone about their shoes habits for a while so I had to ask my friend H about her fascination with FitFlops.  Now FitFlop say you can get a workout while you walk, designed to make your muscles do the work.  I asked H a couple of questions on her favourite style of shoes . . .
How many pairs of fit flops do you own?
Ten in various colours and styles. I'm a sucker for them, I actually have more than ten pairs but some are older and have been demoted to gardening duties. 

Tell me about your recent purchases
I've bought some great tan buckle fit flops and some pretty sandals with flower details.

latest purchase(s)

flower detail perfect for spring

Are they just a summer thing?
No, it's an all year round thing for me. Winter or spring, the fit flops have replaced shoes in my wardrobe, they are just so comfy. I know that fit flops have introduced boots into their range but I've not purchased a pair yet, however all offers are considered!

Do you purchase online or do you shop till you drop?
A mixture of both, I search for the right price then I buy.

Right so its clear that H is a firm believer in FitFlops, so if you were thinking of buying some fit flops I hope this have given you a bit more of a nudge to make that purchase. And Fit Flops, if you're reading this then H is ready to take your call!

Let's try again shall we?

Okay so the blogger problems seem to be resolved but it looks like some things have not been restored; my 'request for help' post was back on my blog but the poll I installed and any comments on my original post have not been.

So apologies for the second request, but could you take part in my poll again.

Thanks xx

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Your help is needed

I blog for my job, so use my personal blog to test out new blogger gadgets before I unleash them on my work blog.

I'm testing out the poll gadget to see how it works, so for a bit of fun I've set up a couple of questions about your shoe shopping habits.  It means I can be a bit nosy and see how the gadget works.

There's just two questions in the right hand corner of my blog so please help me out and have a go.

Thanks xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Memories of Dad

Jimmy Valentine
Today marks the fourth anniversary of my dad's death from lung cancer.  I can't believe its been four years and I miss him terribly especially at this time of the year.  There's many a time I'd finish work and sit in the back garden having a cold beer while discussing how the day had been.  Sometimes you don't realise what joy the simple things in life can be.

I inherited his car and I drive it every day with a pair of his glasses on the dashboard.  We've even managed to inherit his dog! Harvey has become our unofficial lodger over the past few years.  It's not hard to remember the good times whether it was watching Hammer Horror films on a Friday night after the pub or the year we decided to make homemade red wine and spent a night bottling the wine while enjoying numerous amounts of the stuff or the last family holiday we had together and spent the afternoon in the pool where it felt like we were kids again.

He was well liked, worked hard and travelled to many places, I hope that I can embrace life this way too.

The seventies really was his era

Monday, 9 May 2011

Shoe of the week

I couldn't resist these shoes from Dune @ Debenhams, I've fallen 'head over heels' with them - have you?

Sunday, 8 May 2011

From the beaches of Brazil to the Blackpool sands

my faithful, yet battered flip flop
Now I bet you thought I was going to talk about some holiday I took in some far flung place but no, I'm going to talk about flip flops.  Actually I need to discuss the ultimate in flip flops - Havaianas

I've always bought cheap flip flops that last a summer and then end up in the bin a couple of months after constant use and abuse.  I'd never considered buying anything costing more than £5 that I would really only be used if I was by a pool or walking on a beach.  Then I saw these black pair in an online sale a couple of years ago and thought I'd increase the amount I was willing to pay for a pair of flip flops, so paid £15 for them.  Now I know it might sound a bit much but until you actually buy and use a pair, you don't realise what you might be missing out on! These are serious heavy-duty flip flops, I have worn them constantly throughout the past couple of years and they still haven't worn out, despite the fact I have been painting ceilings in them.

What's your budget for flip flops and have you caught the Brazil bug and got yourself some Havaianas too?
The real deal (check out the history page to see what I mean)
I would like to buy another pair so will have to consider whether my budget will allow, and I really like these . . .

And I really like these . . .
I love the fact that Havaianas are planning to cater for any type of weather with the introduction of their rain boot range, perfect for the great British summer!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A week in a post

Finding a red rose of St George's Day can be problematic

I've just had a long week off work and I could have drafted a incredibly long post of what I did on my week off.  However, after having some rotten dental treatment and a migraine this week, I thought I'd keep it simple and use pictures more than words.  I'm trying to improve my photo-taking skills, this time last year I relied on fun cameras so going digital is taking its time!

So the first thing I learnt this week was . . .  my friend Linzi gets more excited for St Georges Day than Christmas.  As soon as her birthday in February has passed, she starts planning for the big day with her outfit planned with military precision.
navy shorts, vintage style blouse and the red rose was the look of the day

nude heels from Primark

I discovered that . . .  'tractor' soles were a walking sensation 

Nude lipsy heels
I bought these nude heels back in January and I haven't had chance to wear them till now.  As well as looking really, really good, they are also surprising comfortable to walk on.  The tractor sole seems to give extra comfort but walking in them does give a really weird sensation almost like a spongy feel on the balls of your feet.  Its the only way I can describe it.
the 'tractor' sole
I realised that . . . you are never to old to have an Easter Egg!
My friend Jo surprised me with an Easter Egg which had a double bonus as I got a Gleek mug as well as chocolate.

I now know that . . .  there's a place for everything.

something old, something new
I'm conscious of clutter and trying to reduce the amount of waste you can go through.  This includes buying things for the house or my wardrobe.  But sometimes I can't resist those vintage treasures you can spot in a charity shop.  I bought this glass leaf bowl for £1.50 and didn't have a clue what to do with it.  Finally I decided that it was a nice idea to store my collection of vintage and new rings.
working on my 'close-ups'

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Shoe of the week

Well our Spring is certainly turning out to be glorious (here's hoping it continues) so it seemed appropriate to nominate a nice sandal that's perfect to wear in the sun.  These cute wedges are from Pier a Terre.

It's got a little bit of everything: a splash of red (what is it about red being a great summery colour),  a corsage detail, raffia rope detailing, wedge heel and an ankle strap.  Simply perfect.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Having a 'Carrie' moment

I know its not everyone's cup of tea but I really miss the Sex and the City series.  Yes, the films are good (well the first one was, the second not so good) but the series was a weekly fix of fashion moments.  I always wanted one of Carrie's collection of clutches, my favourites scene was in the last episode, when Carrie was stuck in Paris waiting for her artist boyfriend to pay her some attention.  Digging around in her vintage clutch, she found her 'Carrie' necklace and realised that she needed to be back in New York with her friends.  The rest is SATC history, she was rescued by Big and whisked back to her most important accessory - New York city.  Hey, even Park Avenue Princesses need rescuing sometimes!

Anyhow, obviously I can't afford Chanel vintage but still wanted to get a bit of Carrie's vintage style but have lucked out on finding anything in my local charity shops and my Ebay experiences have been not so great - I just can't get my head around the bartering and bidding wars to get my bargains.

Lucky for me, The Fashion Pearls of Wisdom Blog opened an online shop - Shop Street Style where I can fulfil my vintage dreams from the ease of my sofa.  I bought this lovely vintage clutch that has been receive lots of attention and admiration from my friends.  It's quite deceptive as its really roomy and can carry lots of stuff.  I used the clutch to accessorize a seventies inspired outfit with wide-leg jeans and a floral smock top and I felt fabulous.

What I love about the shop is that Pearl is creating outfits and giving inspiration on how to create looks using vintage pieces.  Please take a look, I'm sure they'll be something for you too!
Accessorising the accessory

the devil's in the detail