A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Finally, it's springtime

Finally the sun has got his hat on! After that long, long winter we all finally deserved some warmer weather.  Apologies but I've used one of my favourite pictures (again) of my dog Jasper.  It kind of reminds me of what the next few months should be: hazy, warm and relaxing.  Fingers crossed the British summer doesn't let us down!

So I've started my spring cleaning and packed away my winter stuff.  Maybe I being a little presumptuous but I'm hoping that I now longer need those jumpers.  What I also have realised is that my spending habits have changed in a positive way, in that I haven't spent as much this winter on clothes so don't have as much to pack away. 

Now that its officially Springtime, I'm hoping to be wearing more shoes like this:

And these:

I've found some sandals that I have stashed away too so will be cataloguing them for the blog.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Shoe of the week

I spotted these Olivia Rubin for Dune on their website and fell in love. Olivia is known for her graphic prints and the shoe is a classic example of what she does.

You really have to check out the link for these shoes to really see what they look like with a 360 view, I'm totally in love with the print on the heels!

I just thought I should say that the Shoe of the week nominations are really all about the shoe, not the price.  My nominations can be from the high street or designers, just anything I've come across and really liked.  If I think that I would love to have them in my shoe collection, then they get added to the shoe of the week posts, whether I can afford them or would need to sell a kidney in order to purchase them.  That said, I am a little gutted this week that I've had to spend nearly £400 on my car this week, this money could have been lovingly spent on a pair or a number of pairs of shoes!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

I just saw red

I really regret being hasty with chucking things out when I've no longer worn them; when I could have stored them away until a trend was re-vitalised or I rediscovered the love for whatever I'd packed away.  I had a pair of red wedges that I'd bought from Etam, a shop no longer on the British High Street - do you remember it? (Apparently Etam stood for Everything to attract men!).  After not wearing the shoes for a summer (typical British summer, probably rained for a change) I gave the away to a charity shop.  What I really should have done is boxed them up and waited.  Trends always come around again and wedges are a classic staple to a shoe collection . . . so what was I thinking when I gave these away!

So, for this year I wanted to get a pair of red wedges for the summer which I can promise I am not going to throw or give away!  After doing a little internet research, I bought these red wedges from Additions Direct. Perfect for wearing with my wide leg jeans and a white shirt I bought earlier this year.  I'm looking forward to the warmer weather so I can try these babies out!

It arrived in a box labelled 'designer' as I'd bought them from the Coleen Rooney range for Additions.  I'd bought the shoe for the style rather than whose name was on the shoe.  I'm not fully clued up on the celebrities versus designers debate so don't feel I can make an educated statement but I do wonder if talented designers are being overlooked or not getting opportunities as the draw of a celebrity endorsement is worth more sales.  Are we, the customer,then losing out on the opportunity to embrace new or established talent and see what they could design for business like Additions? Just a thought.

ready to wear
The heels are quite high (5") which means I'll be walking tall at 5' 7" rather than my usual five foot three!

signed by Coleen

it has a natural looking trim

I'm going to be getting high

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Shoe of the week

Here comes the sun! I've just walked down Blackpool promenade and it was a beautiful evening.  It's the perfect time to dig out those sandals or buy something new. 

So what's on our high street?  I spotted these cute blue sandals on the Barratts website, perfect for the warmer weather and at a reduced price, great for the purse too!

A quick trip to Liverpool

The Liverpool Eye at Albert Dock

How fast does time fly? I've just celebrated my second Wedding Anniversary.  Due to work commitments we didn't get chance to book a break this year, so we celebrated closer to home. After the wedding in Las Vegas and our first anniversary in Krakow, I can't really complain that my passport wasn't required for this trip!  We booked an overnight stay to Liverpool just over an hour's drive from Blackpool staying at the Premier Inn at the Albert Dock

I'm lucky that we have two great cities (Manchester and Liverpool) just a drive away for a great night out and a city experience whether shopping is your preference or cool bars with an even cooler cocktail menu!  Both cities have undergone significant regeneration and they are definitely worth a visit if anyone is planning to come up North for a visit. Lucky for us, the weather was lovely so we managed to walk around the city and have a few drinks sat outside in the sun. 

While my husband sat in the pub watching the Liverpool game, I took in some shoe research and popped into Cricket for a browse.  I'm sure many of you will have heard about Cricket or seen it mentioned in press articles about Wags. Its a boutique that can be found close to The Cavern so you can get a little bit of Beatles History while getting your shopping fix too.  I like the fact that whether its a bag or a pair of shoes you wanted to check out then you could pick them up and have a touch. Some shops do feel really off putting with items in glass boxes, so this was a nice change. 

I really would like to mark my 40th birthday this year with a pair of designer shoes and I'm currently leaning towards a pair of Louboutins as my preference.  Like a magpie my eyes were drawn to the pretty bright colours.  My favourites were these hot pink Bianca shoes and a purple Suede pair of Louboutin Bibi

After the match we popped to the St Thomas Hotel to have a drink in their bar, this experience really made the day for us.  Known for their fabulous Sunday roasts we decided to have something to eat in the hotel restaurant and booked for a two course meal for £9.95.  The food lived up to the promise of the best roast in the city, for starters I had seared duck breast on a chilli and bean salad, while my husband had tomato and balsamic soup then we both had roast beef for main course.  We decided to splurge and have a pudding as well and when chatting about choices with the waitress it was mentioned that it was our anniversary.  This was in a funny conversation about if the chocolate brownie dish we wanted to try (with homemade white chocolate ice cream) contained nuts. My husband is allergic and I didn't really want to add an A and E experience to our day!  Luckily for us there were so nut-free choices and we opted for egg custard and an apple and blackberry pudding, both delicious.  But they then surprised us with some glasses of champagne on the house and we when got the bill they also gave us the puddings on the house too! It was just a really lovely gesture and we'll definitely be popping back for a visit.

In the evening we visited a bar called Revolution at the Albert Dock where we enjoyed a couple of cocktails and the 90's indie music.  I might have enjoyed a few too many as I kept getting lost in the toilets as the mirrored wall design made it difficult to find the exit!

The Purple Rain cocktail, forget your cheeky vimtos!

As the weather was getting warmer I thought it would be a great opportunity to wear some of my new shoes but unfortunately cobbles and high heels was not a great mix. I spent ten minutes being escorted like an old lady across the cobbles to the safe haven of flat pavement . . .  not a good look.  I will be considering my wardrobe choices on our return visit to Liverpool in July when we go to see Deacon Blue.

WARNING! not suitable for cobbles!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Little sister makes me proud

For those of you who've been following my blog will be aware, my younger sister Tara has undergone treatment for cancer and we are heading towards the 2nd annual check before before the five year mark when she gets the all clear. 

She contacted Jo's Trust, the cancer charity to see if she could share her personal story.  As a result she's just been interviewed by The Sun as part of a feature on Jade Goody and it was published today.  It supports giving the charity and cervical cancer awareness much-needed publicity.  No words can describe how proud am I xx

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Shoe of the week

I just have one word to sum up my shoe of the week - pretty!

Suede edged with satin piping, these shoes would be the perfect accessory for any Royal Wedding party you may be planning, fingers crossed the sun shines and the rain stays away in April!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Shoes in the news

Fashion parade in the school yard
There's been some press coverage of Elle Macpherson wearing her Louboutins on the school run. Spotted wearing £650 Christian Louboutin 'Lucifer Bow' heels, Elle's outfit was perfect for that working mum, straight from the school gates to work. Although not many people would be whizzing off to film a TV show (if you can actually run in Louboutins! Elle was filming the next series of Britain's Next Top Model.

Now I'm interested to know whether your school run outfits are 'super model' standard or your wardrobe has the mantra if its on the high street then its up my street! Answers on a postcard please.

I've pasted a link just in case you want to add some Louboutins to your yummy mummy wardrobe.

PS if I could afford Louboutins, I would wear them to do the ironing, put the bins out and even to watch the tide coming in on Blackpool prom.  A pair of these shoes would make any event seem like a red carpet event!

Crazy Horses
I also spotted this article about some new shoes designed for the Cheltenham Festival, I honestly cannot determine whether this is an early April Fool or something for Comic Relief.  For approximately £1,300, you can style youself like those treasured icons Black Beauty and Red Rum

Monday, 14 March 2011

Mad about Jimmy, how about Choo?

I have serious shoe envy
Whenever and wherever I am, I'm always on the lookout for shoes. I love people watching and even more so since I started blogging.  Now my family has started to point shoe 'moments' out to me too!

I was at a cousin's engagement party last week, which was a fantastic party. Even my Gran (90 in August) managed to stay till after eleven, now that is an inspiration to live up to.

My Aunt made a point of highlighting these glorious shoes.  My cousin Matt bought his girlfriend Rachel a pair of Jimmy Choos for her birthday. After careful consideration of the joys of Louboutins, he decided on Jimmy Choos.  Classic black with a platform sole, these are  perfect for any outfit. For the party Rachel teamed them up with black leggings and a cream vintage-style top - classic yet current.

A total surprise for Rachel on her birthday, I like the fact that her first outfit with the Choos was her pjs!  While she is normally a handbag girl (A Mulberry Alexa would definitely be on her wish list) she has become a convert to the power of the Choos!

This was the third outing for the Choos but I'm hoping to see them and Rachel again soon.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Spotted on the street

I spotted Katie from work in these lovely shoes purchased in a Clark's sale.  Katie said this is the one pair of shoes out of all her shoes, that people comment on the most despite having more expensive shoes in her collection.

On a current shopping trip with her young daughter, her love of shoes was brought into question when filling her shopping basket with more than a few pairs at Marks and Spencers, Katie was asked if she really needed that many shoes. . . . Well the current range at M and S are both tempting and good value for money, what's a girl supposed to do?

I'm sure that there is plenty of time of Katie's daughter to learn that less is definitely not more when buying shoes, although I do hear that's she's developing a fine appreciation of handbags and shoes herself..

We discussed our mutual love of shoes when Katie mentioned a Spice-Girl influenced outfit back in the nineties (admit it, the Spice Girls were very influential during that era and I hold my hand up to have a Geri-inspired haircut) when her mum treated her to some leopard print trousers and shoes.  The shoes were too small but she loved them that much (still has them today) that she gritted her teeth and danced painfully to Two becomes One.  Now that truly is Girl Power!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Some girls have all the luck!

How lucky is Blake Lively! Not only does she have a Louboutin created and named after her but now she gets to go shopping with the man himself in Paris!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Shoe of the week

Here's my nod to the floral trend,, these shoes just might give me the right about of flower-power to see the seasons through. 

I don't have a lot of print or patterned shoes in my collection, so I think this pair might ease me into trying something a little different to what I would normally buy without going overboard.  Currently, the nearest I've got to addressing the floral trend is buying a bunch of daffodils!

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Do you ever remember that episode of Sex and the City where the ladies discussed regrets and how they would have done things differently if they'd had the chance. However, Samantha Jones tells them how it is, to forget regrets and to move on . . .

Life is too short to have regrets but I do wish I could turn back time and do things a little differently:

I'd have become a blogger years ago so that I could have written about:
  • the time I visited the shoe salon in Saks Fifth Avenue in Sans Francisco wearing a pair of cheap flip flops but was treated like a park avenue princess;
  • flew over the Golden Gate and was that scared I could not breathe for the first five minutes of the flight or speak for the entire flight;
  • when I celebrated New Years Eve in Prague but celebrated so much that I have a few lost hours that I haven't managed to regain (pesky Jagermeister!);
  • Negotiating Madrid and the Spanish train system with a tiny little Spanish and attending one of my best friend's wedding in a beautiful town called Avila and finding out that Spanish people really know how to party!; and
  • Taking my husband to his first outdoor gig, seeing Oasis at Heaton Park in 2009;
I also wish I could turn back time to when we first got our dog Jasper, so that I could teach him that I am his favourite all time person. At this present time, he is Blackpool's answer to Greyfriars Bobby and adopts a Marlene Dietrich 'I want to be alone' pose when my husband is on nights. I am sat on the couch alone.

I also do wish that I'd not had that perm in the 1990's, never thrown out any shoes and kept my Pioneer record player but hey Coulda Woulda Shoulda . . .

pining away

As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.” Samantha Jones

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Have tunes will travel
 I'm getting to grips with new technology having recently got my first ipod.  Now I'm not the greatest with gadgets, to be honest I'm quite surprised I've managed to produce a blog and posts as I have only learnt in the past year to use a digital camera! It has been a long-running joke with my friends about my obsession with disposable cameras, but to me all I had to do was point and click.  I get overcome with a mental block to technical instructions and usually forget even the basic steps to using machines.  When I worked as a barmaid, I could pull pints, use the electronic tills and food ordering system but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to change the barrels.  I actually volunteered to clean up sick or dirty ash trays rather than the trauma of being stuck in the pub cellar where the spiders would probably do a better job of getting the beer flowing again.

So back to my ipod, I've got this really cute green Ipod Nano, luckily my husband is the best husband ever and has got it set up and started to download some music onto it for me.  If I lost the ipod, god knows what the person who found it would think of my taste in music, its really a mixed bag of stuff.  I don't have a favourite band, I haven't since the 1990's when Deacon Blue was the band I followed.  So far, my ipod has ELO greatest hits, three Glee albums, Paloma Faith, Adele's and Rihanna's new albums and the latest Take That album (which to be honest I'm not that impressed with).  I've started to walk to work so the ipod has come in quite handy, but let me take you to the first day of use.  I took me about fifteen minutes to switch it on and for a ten minute walk home I had to listen to the same song over and over again! Regardless of it being a touch screen ipod, I still didn't have the technical sense to switch the thing on!  It also kept cutting out but it turns out that its not faulty, I'd just not plugged in the headphones properly!

This is about as techical as I can deal with

Its still early days for me and my ipod to form a close working relationship but I'm hoping to improve my skills so I can at least listen to ten songs in a row without wanting to run up to Blackpool prom and chucking it in the sea!  So tell me are you a techno-phobe or a techno hero?

PS I also got a Kindle, I hoping to be able to switch it on by Christmas 2011, I'll keep you posted on progress!