A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I'm wild about shoes

My husband recently mentioned my love of shoes and suggested that 'perhaps I had too many'!  So it made me think (or at least panic that he had discovered my secret stash of shoes) do I have too many shoes?

So I considered this logically:

  • I don't have a pair of shoes in every colour of the rainbow; 
  • I don't own a pair of Jimmy Choo;
  • I need to find a pair of monochrome shoe; and 
  • the  hot pink shoes to replace the ones my dog ate have not been bought yet.  
So my conclusion is . . .  that no, I don't have too many shoes. There is still a place in my wardrobe heart to welcome more shoes to my collection.  You can tell a lot of research and consideration has been undertaken to form this conclusion!

You probably noticed from my previous posts that I am a sucker for heels.  Yes, flats are pretty, short-heeled boots are practical and that in the past few years a pair of Uggs have even been purchased. But the majority of my shoes, when worn, increase my height by a good two inches or more.

So, I am always going to be on the lookout for more heels.  A shoe outlet on my retail-radar is Wildpair who have a fabulous collection of shoes to choose from.  They even have a great blog where you can keep posted on their shoes 'news' and be inspired.

With heels on my mind, I found some shoes [pictured] that I really want, there is even a pair that I want in the three neon colours available - I'm thinking about shoes in every colour of the rainbow, and more, being something I need to aspire to!

So take a look and see if there is are any heels for you to go wild about too.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Shoe of the week

With a nod to one of my favourite programmes - Spartacus:War of the Damned -  I'm nominating these gorgeous toffee coloured Spartacus Gladiator platforms for shoe of the week.  These would definitely be fashionable around the Forum.

Ugly Beautiful

Now these shoes could be my fashion marmite, you are either going to love them or you are going to think they are seriously f 'ugly.

I spotted these Faith boots on sale in the Debenhams at the Bullring in January and resisted the urge to buy them.  On my return to Birmingham the other week, the shoes were still there - obviously waiting for me or that no bugger else would buy them!  With 70% off, these boots came to me at the bargain price of £17.50, not bad and those blue cross sales that Debenhams run are definitely needed in this current climate. 

They are surprising comfortable, although if you were watching me 'clomp' around Debenhams for ten minutes in them 'trying before buying', you might have thought definitely!There are still a couple of sizes left online. I am saving them for a city break in Berlin in a couple of weeks to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary (time flies so fast) where I might team them up with a dress to celebrate in style.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

And away we go . . .

This picture reflects how I am feeling right now. It was taken in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, a bright rainbow through a cloud of rain . . .

I've started work on my PR course, which I'm enjoying with a hint of nervousness at whether I can actually achieve the end result.  I'll keep you posted on progress.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Boot-y call

Every wardrobe could benefit from a collection of different boots that can take you from a shopping trip, a museum tour through to cocktails with a hot date.  With most of my city breaks and holidays taken in off-peak times, boots and jeans are usually the staple for my holiday wardrobe.  

Wanted , an Australian based family run company, has a great selection of women's boots that could easily help build up a capsule collection of boots for all occasions. Over the knee boots, stiletto heels, ankle boots, shoe boots, biker boots, even rain boots. The site has something for every occasion and my online shopping basket would definitely be full after a browse of what they have to offer.

Here are some of my favourites . . .

I'm a sucker for buckles

Western style books, great for skinny jeans

These Livid boots are just so fabulous

flat boots, fashionable yet practical
Another little thing I like about the Wanted's website is the little shoe doodle that appears onscreen as your shoe selection loads up on the page, just a small touch but quite cute.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shoe of the week

This week's shoe is a bit lovely, isn't it?

With spring, just around the corner, its time to start slowly revealing our toes to the world.  So these peeptoes - the Black Twiggy Bow Peeptoe Court Shoes - from Chinese Laundry at New Look are the perfect way to start your fashion 'spring clean' early.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Shoe of the week

Wow, these are a great way to achieve the monochrome look this year.Available at Next, forget leopard print, be a giraffe instead!

No bike required

Every year, I promise myself that I will treat myself to a pair of biker boots. And every year I forget, leave it until the last part of the sales and fail at making a purchase.  This year I did a last minute search and got these Olsen boots from Very.  Although I was searching for a pair of longer boots, my choices were limited but these boots serve as a cheap, quick fashion fix.   A perfect accessory for my 'uni' look.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Progress report

the snow didn't stop shoppers at the Bullring
At the start of this year, I blogged about the challenges I've set myself for this year.  So am I making any progress?

Water - to be honest, I have been totally 'pants' at achieving a healthy limit of water each day, although I am drinking green/herbal teas instead of a lovely mug of Yorkshire tea.  Its hard missing my two 'full-fat' cups of tea in the morning that make me feel at least semi-human but I'm going to stick to it, or that's what I keep telling myself.  Unfortunately, in a counteractive measure, I have developed a sweet tooth and am obsessed with trying out pre-Easter treats and the Cadbury's Chocolate with toffee popcorn.  It's more than likely that this is cancelling out any good work the green tea is doing.

Baking - not achieved anything, in fact I haven't eaten a cupcake since mid December, I might be suffering a mid-life cupcake crisis! Does anyone know if there is a helpline to call?

Ebay - am finally sorting out some clothes and shoes to sell in Ebay, so I am currently establishing operation De-clutter in my house.

New Experiences - So I want to do six new things this year so I have started with learning. A couple of weeks ago, I made the trip to snowy Birmingham to enrol in a part-time course - CIPR Advanced Certificate in PR.  It's been over five years since I have undertaken any further education so its a daunting prospect to consider the whole year I need to be dedicated to this.

On a completely irrelevant note, what does a mature student were to uni? I have eight days from Winter until summer where I will need to plan outfits.  For my first trip to Birmingham, comfort, style and snow dictated my outfit choice. I bought a pair of biker boots in the sales [post to follow] so my current uni-uniform is skinny jeans, boots and lots of layers.

I also managed my first visit to the Bullring, despite the snow and in the working week, it was packed with shoppers.  Now that's what I call dedication to retail therapy.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Shoe of the week

This week's shoe comes courtesy of Clarks.  Perfect for planning your Spring/Summer wardrobe while your feet are covered up with socks, uggs, books or slippers.  Clarks have collaborated with British/Japanese designers Eley Kishimoto to provide a perfection solution to how you want to wear prints this year.

Third time lucky

There's not much to say about these shoes other than they are cute, impossibly high and not my size! A delayed Christmas present for my younger sister (with a smaller shoe size than me) these shoes took a month to arrive.  Instead of wrapped up under the tree, they arrived late January.

Appalling customer service from a high street department store, who shall not be named (I just cannot put you through the entirely time-consuming and painful customer service conversations and emails I had to deal with) has meant I cannot think of the words that this shoes should really inspire.  Did you know that when ordering on the Internet, that you cannot guarantee that you will receive products in the size you order? How is this good for business! AND that despite ordering from a store's website, an error is not their fault as they rent out space on their website!  

Enough with my rant, let's just enjoy the pretty shoes in silence.

So let's see what's in the box