A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 31 January 2011

Shoe of the week

This shoe of the week is from Aldo, perfect for the coming spring for wearing with my wide leg jeans or a floral tea dress if I can find one that suits me

I'm really liking the trend for chunkier heels, far sturdier for the Blackpool streets; there's no chance of me falling over on the cobbles or getting my heel stuck in a grid!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Spotted on the street

Today, I was 'spotted on the street', well I suppose you could say spotted in the mirror! I've been meaning to do a post on the boots I own but just haven't got round to doing one yet. 

So today, as I've started walking to work due to my car being very poorly. The need to get my dogs Jasper and Harvey to and from doggy-day care (my mum's but didn't it just for one second sound like I was Paris Hilton!) means I needed some boots that were made for walking.

I usually buy a pair of boots every couple of years, I like to try and find a boot with some detailing that could resemble the vintage footwear like buckles or button detailing.  This pair were one of my last boot purchases bought from Barratts, for around £70, in December 2008 for my planned wedding and honeymoon in Vegas and San Francisco. 

Funny story though, I thought I would save these boots for the holidays and choose to leave them in the box untouched until March when I'd be jetting off.  But, luckily as you'll soon find out, I choose to 'break them in'.  Okay, really I couldn't leave a brand new purchase sitting them untouched or unworn for so long, I just had to wear them!

Before I continue with my little story, I must stress that getting married is apparently one of the most stressful milestones that a person can go through, so you can imagine my state of mind - just over two months to go before the wedding and still sorting all the finer details out. So off out I pop, wearing my snazzy new boots, to my mums.  I keep thinking that something was wrong with the boot but couldn't finger out why until I had arrived at my mums after a twenty minute walk through our village.  I looked at the boots and saw that they weren't exactly the same size (really one foot looked like Herman Munster's against my size 6 boot!).  I'd been given the wrong matching sizes - a 6 and an 8).  I managed to contact the shop but unfortunately they were unable to re-match the right sizes (I sometimes think about that lost soul, like me, wandering around with mis-matched boots) and gave me a refund. The thing is, that I really liked the boots so checked out the website and managed to buy them with a 20% discount!  It was like it was meant to be . . .

Moral of the story - make sure you and the assistant check you have the correct, matching size boots before leaving the shop then wearing them for a three mile walk!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Shoe of the week

True Blue baby I love you
This week's shoe is courtesy of Topshop. 

This shoe has that mix of 1940's glamour meeting this Spring/Summer's need for brights. 

Suitable for a fashionista or a vintage lover, easily complementing that perfect dress or sexy skinny jeans.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Get me to the 'Office'

Office knows that January can be a long month that many of us struggle with. To provide light at the end of the tunnel they are currently have an up to £50 off boots promotion, not to mention up to 75% sales to take a nosy through! Go on, what are you waiting for?

The choices for my basket would be:

Minky Linky Leopard at £39.00
I'm sure these would help me find my inner rock-chick!

These boots would be a great alternative to my Uggs that I feel I've been living in for the past few months due to the not-so-Great British weather!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Blending in

piri piri chicken with roasted veg and sticky rice
Before I start writing my post I have to say that I am not a great photographer so my picture isn't as glossy or enticing as it would be if I was producing it for a food magazine.  Although I understand that to get that perfect shot the food would require treatment that would make it inedible!

Now, I honestly thought that the best present I would have got for Christmas 2010 would have been a handbag or pair of shoes but no . . . it's a blender and I haven't even switched it on!  My husband who was already a good cook is fast becoming a culinary genius due to the joys of us now owning a blender. He's been busy making homemade sauces and we've so far enjoyed tastes from around the world from Jerk Chicken to piri-piri without having to leave the comfort of our own home.  From starting with recipes from the latest Jamie Oliver book, he's now started to create his own recipes!

I have to say that his homemade soups are the best - Stilton and broccoli and leek and potato - its amazing how much you can make with basic ingredients and a stock cube!  With a tin of soup costing around 80p its definitely saving us some pennies while having more homely and tasty food.  Just want we need in this cold and poor economical climate!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Shoe of the week

This shoe sums up probably what a lot of people are thinking - how long till Spring?

January is a long long month, dark when you go to work, dark when you come home from work.  I'm ready for some sunshine and daffodils to be sprouting! How are you enjoying January?

Shoes from Schuh.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My dad was a 'rock star'

Technology is amazing these days, even the simplest thing can give great joy to people.  My older sister Kelly has now got a scanner and she's been busy scanning in some of our childhood pictures and its been great to share the memories.

Here's Kelly and me (I'm in the on-trend stripes) with my dad sometime in the seventies. My dad - Jimmy Valentine (such a great name) - had the most gorgeous hair.  We've got some Italian roots in our family so he inherited some of those traits of an Italian man - great olive skin and hair.  He had a great sense of style and really walked to the beat of his own drum.

When my nephew saw this picture he said that my dad looked like a rock star and I totally agree.

Monday, 17 January 2011

'1st 'Spotted on the street' post

I realise that I can't go on posting about my new purchases in this current climate, while there are lots and lots of shoes out there that I would love to purchase, I really need to not buy and save, save, save! I'm forty later this year I want to mark that occasion with a big purchase, maybe a pair of fabulous shoes.  To do that I need to resist the urge to hit the high street and shop till I drop!

But I still want keep posting about shoes and nominating shoes of the week and keeping with the main theme of my blog, So I'm also going to look at what shoes people are wearing today, I'm going to call the posts 'Spotted on the street'  I'm always out and about with my camera in my bag just in case I spot shoes that I like but I've been conscious about asking people about the shoes they are wearing.  So from now on, I'm going to be fearless and ask them for a photo and find out a little bit about the shoes they've chosen to wear.

So here's my first 'Spotted on the street' post.

My friend and colleague Karen is currently on maternity leave and popped in the office last Friday with some goodies and I spotted her wearing these fabulous boots.  Karen's style, I would say is effortlessly chic, She always looks ultra stylish.  This is amazing considering she is a mother of three, with the youngest children being toddler twins !  Along with the boots, Karen was kitted out with skinny jeans, blue blazer style jacket and a fab t-shirt.  She was definitely a trend-setter for dress-down Friday.  The boots are from L C Waikiki in Istanbul and Karen says they are really comfortable.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day Five - The Five Day Accessory Challenge

Friday is typically known as a 'dress down' day but I prefer it as the dress up denim day! The final day of the five day challenge and to be honest I think this is the one day where we both feel we can really go to town on our accessories.  I can't really explain it but it seems simpler to dress up a casual outfit than make a work outfit more glamorous.

Chrissie's collection 'was don't save it for best'  Do you ever buy something and them save it for best, then never get a chance to wear it?  Why save for best, if you felt it was good enough to buy then wear it anytime you feel like it!

vintage necklace inherited from an Aunt, so pretty

suede shoes bought for a wedding only worn a couple of times

clutch bag than can be easily held so you don't have to dance around it!
My collection was 'its time to belt up'  Using a belt I bought nearly four years ago but never worn as a basis for my accessory choices

Scarf from River Island, a Christmas present from my sister and something that I'd spotted during one of our trips

shoulder bag from barratts

perspex ring, wish I had a good cocktail ring collection

Belt Georgina Goodman for Evans bought four years ago and never worn till now

earrings, £3 bargain from Dorothy Perkins bought about a year ago

hidden platform heels and fishnet ankle socks (its still too cold for heels!)
Things we learnt from the challenge
  • we don't spend enough time planning our work outfits;
  • No matter how old the accessory is that it still can a fashion-shelf life;
  • That I don't experiment enough with fashion.

Day Four - The Five Day Accessory Challenge

So the fourth day of our challenge saw two completely opposite choices in accessories, one bright, one not so bright. 

Chrissie's collection was 'Be seen in green'

bag borrowed from her daughter, obviously inherited her great accessories gene!

another lovely necklace from Chrissie's jewellery drawer

vintage shoes in a fabulous condition

My collection was 'its all about the shoes'   I kept my accessories neutral apart from my fabulous printed pumps
Nica tan bag from Debenhams, its like the carpet bag from Mary Poppins as it could fit a kitchen sink in there!

corsage, handmade and a birthday present from my talented friend Sylvia

bangles from Wallis, ring vintage from Notting Hill bought in 1999

Sacha flat pumps from Dorothy Perkins worn with wide palazzo pants

Day Three - The Five Day Accessory Challenge

Day three saw us halfway through the five day challenge.  What we are finding, is that the majority of our accessories are things we have had for a couple of years rather than recent purchases. So here are our challenge attempts. 

Chrissie's collection was 'Pump up the purple'  Key to her accessories was her fabulous peep-toe shoe boots!

the multi-strand necklace gave hints of purple and pinks

bracelet and watching carrying on the theme
 Now my collection was aimed at complementing a tweed trouser suit I wear for work.  So my collection was 'Everything begins with a g' All accessories were either green or gold was the main colour.
Gorgeous green Tommy and Kate bag present from my friend H

vintage-look brooch bought in St Ives in 2005

necklace from Wallis £3 sales bargain, gold cuff Matalan about three years ago
 I actually look a bit creased in my last picture but I can promise that I kept my jacket on for the office this day!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day Two - The Five Day Accessory Challenge

So, Day Two of the challenge and we've decided to get our challenge bids a name/theme.  Apologies for lack of great lighting for the images.  Our office storeroom at lunchtime is not really equipped for photo shoots so will have to think of a better venue for our spring challenge (yes we are already thinking forward!)

So, first Chrissie with her 'pretty in pink collection'
metallics and blush colours adorning the wrists

necklace giving a hit of pink

bargain shoeboots from Tesco providing a bit of a blush

nude bag completing the neutral tones.

My collection was 'you can always bet on red'. Red accessories completing a monochrome shift dress from Monsoon bought about three years ago.

Birkin inspired bag from Debenhams and six year old heels from Dorothy Perkins

Red belt and beads from Monsoon (had about three years)

Red rose earrings bought in San Fransisco 2009
What we've found about the challenge so far is that its adding on extra minutes to our morning routines and I'm already struggling to plan an outfit.  I definitely have got into a working wardrobe style rut!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Shoe of the week

Now this week's shoe is inspired by the second social event that I've been invited to this year - 1920's hen night, all ladies to dress like flapper girls. 

I thought that these T-Bar platforms from ASOS would be perfect whether I'm doing the Charleston or attempting the Beyonce Single Ladies dance!  Now I'm off to dig out my pearls and feather headdress and start practicing my moves!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day One - The Five Day Accessory Challenge

So it was the first day of our working week challenge,but before I report on our challenge attempts I thought I should provide a brief description of the participants:

Chrissie, my work colleague - glamorous mum of two, does not look her age, can authentically 'rock' the biker chick style (motorbike included), shoes and bags are the top of her shopping lists every time.

Clare, me, - married, no children just two Jack Russells, heading for forty and frantically reviewing my skin care regime, just found my first grey hair, desperately aiming for a classic, timeless capsule wardrobe, shoes everytime is at the top of my shopping list even if I'm shopping for groceries!

Chrissie - something old/something new collection
Now Chrissie accessorized in a mixture of recent sales purchases and items she's owned for a few years now.  Showing its never to late to re-vitalise that forgotten accessory you've had for years.
Bag - present for Xmas 2010, Star by Julian MacDonald at Debenhams.

Watch - Freebie from Avon a few years ago.

Necklace - had for a while, sales purchase from Dorothy Perkins

Scarf - 2010 sales purchase  £2.50 Matalan.

Shoes - from Matalan, had for a while

Clare - You can never be too blue collection

My handbag was the key point of my accessory challenge bid due to its size really!

brown belt and neutral bangles to top up my accessories count

Vintage belt, charity shop find by my mum!

Although it was my first challenge attempt to accessorize more, I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't do more or be a bit braver.  I have a gold belt that I was half-tempted to wear but bottled out of using it. I also have lots of costume jewellery that could do with a bit of an airing so will try harder in my next attempts.  I definitely have got myself into a style rut, must do better!