A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day Five - The Five Day Accessory Challenge

Friday is typically known as a 'dress down' day but I prefer it as the dress up denim day! The final day of the five day challenge and to be honest I think this is the one day where we both feel we can really go to town on our accessories.  I can't really explain it but it seems simpler to dress up a casual outfit than make a work outfit more glamorous.

Chrissie's collection 'was don't save it for best'  Do you ever buy something and them save it for best, then never get a chance to wear it?  Why save for best, if you felt it was good enough to buy then wear it anytime you feel like it!

vintage necklace inherited from an Aunt, so pretty

suede shoes bought for a wedding only worn a couple of times

clutch bag than can be easily held so you don't have to dance around it!
My collection was 'its time to belt up'  Using a belt I bought nearly four years ago but never worn as a basis for my accessory choices

Scarf from River Island, a Christmas present from my sister and something that I'd spotted during one of our trips

shoulder bag from barratts

perspex ring, wish I had a good cocktail ring collection

Belt Georgina Goodman for Evans bought four years ago and never worn till now

earrings, £3 bargain from Dorothy Perkins bought about a year ago

hidden platform heels and fishnet ankle socks (its still too cold for heels!)
Things we learnt from the challenge
  • we don't spend enough time planning our work outfits;
  • No matter how old the accessory is that it still can a fashion-shelf life;
  • That I don't experiment enough with fashion.


Pearl Westwood said...

Those pop-socks look fab, I am going to have to hunt some down, I had a polka dot pair but laddered them last time I wore them :-(
Such a great challenge, I still have things Ive never worn one is a belt too a big studded one, you have spurred me on to try it out with a few things!x

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I love the scarf and the hidden platform heels with fishnets! I am short of accessories, definitely not clothes so I'm concentrating on finding some bargains at the moment. I shall blog them soon. Hope you've had a good weekend xx

CameronPoe2409 said...

The challenge was great and now I'm aiming to wear a least a couple of different accessories each day xx

Pearl - I am really into popsocks now, I got my online at Additions Direct

Christina - I had a quiet weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing your bargains