A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Cowboy shoes and flipflops

I've got to mention my dad. Died too soon, just over two years ago. Whilst we ribbed him endlessly, he is fondly remembered for his footwear choices - from his 70's cowboy boots, his cherry red doc martens to his trusty flip flops that were dug out as soon as the sun started to break through the clouds. The strange thing was, that in the last few months before he died, his cowboy boots disappeared from the house never to be seen again. There was no mention of where he'd dispatched them to, no clues after the fact. I only hope 'him upstairs' allows flip flops in! x


Anonymous said...

I too love shoes.If you can't find a dress to fit you you can always find shoes! There is just something so exciting about looking in a shoe box, unwrapping the tissue and revealing a wonderful pair of shoes. Stilletoes are my favourite but as I have got older they are more difficult to wear. Legs look so good in a high pair of black patent stiletoes. Ankle staps are a no no as they shorten the leg.

When I was a child you could buy childrens sparkly plastic high heels with eslsatic straps for dressing up. Just everyone had a pair.

We always got new shoes for the Whit Walk. This is what is now the spring bank holiday but was Whitsuntide. Everyone wore new shoes and a new dress.

I remember once buying a pair of cream soft leather boots from Sacha in London in the sixties. I thought they looked so good with a mini skirt. Boy did I love those boots. I wonder where they are now.

Then in the seventies everyone wore white plastic(pvc)shiney knee length boots. My sister-in law wore a pair to my wedding, with short skirt and floppy hat. She is quite outstanding on the weedding photos.

CameronPoe2409 said...

Fabulous! My first comment and how true. In these days of size zero and lollipop A listers, its truly difficult to find a decent and well fitting dress but you can definitely find the right sized shoes. I'd like to think those Sacha boots are still made for walking and that some Kate Moss-a-like vintage fan is wearing them on Primrose Hill!

Anonymous said...

Why are there no more blogs about shoes? Surely they are most womens favourites. Even though we all love the sexiness of the stilletto we now love the warmth and cosyness of the Ugg boots. No more cold toes or chillblains. Come on girls tell us about your favourite shoes.