A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Feeling a bit shortchanged

The heels have paid the price for all that mojitos and disco dancing

These days its important to look at your clothes and shoes to make them last, but doesn't it make you a little bit angry that some products on the high street aren't made to last? 

Take shoes, you buy them and they come with a little warning that the heels may need replacing due to wear and tear.  Kindly they provide a spare set of heels,  there to replace the worn-away pair that have died a death due to you pounding the streets or office.  This wouldn't be a problem if
1) the heels on the shoes at least lasted longer than a month
2) the quality of the heels (and replacements provided) were actually good quality. 

I think now the average price for re-heeling a pair of shoes could be anything from £5 and more.  It just adds onto the cost you've already paid out and I think we pay out enough.


Pearl Westwood said...

Yes that is so anoying, it drives me mad especially when you just paid hundreds for them! I take all mine to Jones the Bootmaker to me re-heeled with sturdier tips.

CameronPoe2409 said...

I'm just getting two pairs reheeled and with a 5% discounts its still around £11! I honestly thought the more expensive shoes would have heels that would last a long time, now that definitely is not right!

MyStyle said...

Hi there-too true unfortunately!! Its an expensive way to keep cheaper shoes lasting longer ;-(

behindtheshoes said...

My experience seems a little different. I find that some not all cheaper shoes seem to wear out alot faster.

However I have found replacing the heels with metal tips instead of plastic is a little more expensive but you they last longer !

Another observation I have made is that sometimes it works out better to use a local cobbler than a chain cobbler.

Rachelle Xxx

jamie-lee said...

I find it frustrating to have to get shoes reheeled, and it usually means that they sit in my wardrobe for a long time before I actually get around to it!