A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Introducing Harvey the shoe lover

This is our semi-permanent house guest - Harvey Valentine - a rough-haired Jack Russell, that seems to attract muck like a magnet and has a love of shoes that more than equals mine.  We're not sure how it started or why, he has always been this way.  It's like a shoe is his comfort blanket, he either has to have one by his side or if one of us is walking through the front door then he has a mad search to bring us a shoe like its a gift.

We've had a couple of mishaps along the way; usually I can restrict Harvey's access to shoes so that he can only enjoy my husbands old pair of trainers but previous a pair of M&S gold ballet pumps suffered a premature death.   Sadly I'm now suffering a Cinderella moment as my Zara ballet pumps have fallen victim to Harvey!  I now can only locate one shoe, the other has not been since for other a month despite numerous searches, I was considering the coastguard but I think Harvey is more than a match for them. 

I'm preserving the rest of my shoe collection by buying some plastic boxes to store away my shoes and thank goodness he can't reach the shelves in my wardrobe!


Pearl Westwood said...

Awww hes sooo cute!! The first lessions my dogs learnt was that we dont chew stuff especially shoes! Ive had a few close calls when Sirius 'fetched' me a Chanel ballet flat I nearly had a heart attack luckily he just dropped it and ran off! I do have a brand new VW cardi with a scar up the back where my brothers dog Bella got it. But how can you shout at them when they are so cute! Good luck locating the missing shoe x

devilishlypleasurable said...

what an adorable dog! my pets love shoes as well, which i find a tad 'odd'. i wrote a little about my cat and her shoe love here http://devilishlypleasurable.blogspot.com/2010/09/animal-instincts-your-feral-feline-fall.html

but. . love your blog 'i have too many shoes'? .. great title!

Ellen said...

OMG- I had to laugh hysterically - and cry! I have 3 Golden Retrievers - the youngest is a 1 year old pup who, I always say, loves shoes as much as I do. God made her cute so she lives through puppyhood - because recently she at one of my saved for and cherished Louboutins (the left one!). I know exactly how you feel!

BTW - I have an auction site for shoe lovers - so if you want to buy or sell a few pairs... check it out - www.IfTheShoeDoesntFit.com

MyStyle said...

Hi there! Lol, my doggie is just the same, all shoes out of reach for her, just the manky trainers can be left lying about! Hope you find that other shoe!

CameronPoe2409 said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, it sounds like you've all had a couple of near misses with your shoes but your dogs (and cat) are more well behaved than Harvey!

Shoe update - still no sign, I'm expecting that he might dig this up for me at Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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