A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Sisters . . . Sisters . . .

I'm combining my two favourite topics today - shoes and films.  One of my favourite films is In Her Shoes starring Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz as two sisters Rose and Maggie.  Its been out for a few years now but its one of those films that doesn't seem to date.

The basic story is that throughout life Rose has been the dependable sister providing the mother-role they never had (due to the death of their mother at an early age) whilst Maggie has been the wild child. It takes them being apart to realise how mcuh they need  each other.  They both take a journey that changes them both as people while meeting the grandmother they never knew they had, Ella played by the great actress Shirley Maclaine.

Of course, there's an ongoing theme about shoes throughout the films but please don't think its standard chick-flick fluff.  This is a strong, positive film about family, sisters and overcoming your past to look to your future.  If you haven't had chance to see the film yet, take the time to watch it, preferably with a sister or friends who are like your siblings.

PS Rose has a shoe cupboard to die for and Maggie is right when she says 'these shoes are not meant to be hidden away'

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Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

i love this movie too. and the shoes! the shoes!