A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

And so the celebrations began . . .

The requisite 40 badge I had to wear

So my birthday celebrations got off to a fabulous start with my ladies night on Friday.  Great food, fabulous friends and family ,as well as a 90's boyband made the night extra special.  After meeting in the Champagne Bar of the Sands and sharing a bucks fizz with 42 of my closest friends and family, we made our way to the restaurant for some food that was simply delicious and then the entertainment started . . .

Little homemade cookies were party favours for my ladies

Re Take That surpassed my expectations - great singers and really cute guys singing some of Take That's greatest hits, they even managed to do a great boyband dance routine that took us all back to the nineties.  So, even if I didn't get to see the real Take That, I did manage to be given a birthday dance on stage with the 'Howard' of the band who had lovely dimples and a Middlesborough accent.  My 'moment of glory' was caught on film but I am too chicken to post it here, but let me just say that those boys really work out and all the ladies were treated to the sight of the band in their undies displaying TAKE THAT across their bums! Thank goodness that we didn't go to see and see Take Fat!

Stop, I want to stay 35 forever!

So now the weekend approaches, where I will see the end of my thirties and the beginnings of my forties in Liverpool. I'm usually organised and packed by now for weekend away but perhaps its the impending end of another decade for me that's preventing me compiling my outfit lists and packing a case but needs most so I am now off to plan my weekend and dream of cocktails!


TheStylishShoeGirl said...

Wishing you a fabulous 40th year!! x

Vix said...

It looks like the party's going to run and run. Have a fantastic time. x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Have a wonderful birthday! Can't wait to see what dress and shoes you went for!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Wishing you a great b'day!!!
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