A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Let's talk tights people

I remember the days when your choice of tights was limited to 10 denier and American Tan!  Now we are spoilt for choice, with the tights becoming just as much of a fashion choice as the rest of your outfit; rather than a basic necessity.  It's only a year ago that I braved wearing tights that weren't black opaque but now I've embraced the changed wearing purple or jade green opaques to match a Beth Ditto @ Evans dress I bought last night and today I'm wearing some lovely thick grey tights for work to rework my working wardrobe of black dress and black shoes.

Many of you will have bought tights from Pretty Polly, a British firm providing hosiery since 1919.  Did you know that this famous firm's origins started with money won from a racehorse Pretty Polly, hence the name.

Pretty Polly's products range from sleep socks, a fashion range to a slimming option.  There's also a House of Holland range and the jewel colours in their opaques range are perfect to brighten up those Autumn mornings.  What's on offer can suit all your needs from working wardrobe basics, to fashion statements to subtle sexiness.  I just can't decide what to buy!


Leonie said...

Ah I love pretty polly tights! Definitely want some (the ones in the picture look gorgeous).


Make Do Style said...

I love tights - such a great way to dress up a look xx

MyStyle said...

Hi there-a fabulous range here!! Have a great weekend! x

CameronPoe2409 said...

Aren't there some lovely tights options, I love all the colours that are available now!

Vintage Sparkle said...

House of Holland!! Thanks for clearing that up for me, I read somewhere Diana Vickers said she loved her HOH tights and I didn't know what HOH was.
Really interesting fact about how they got their name too, I shall be sprouting that piece of trivia at my next girly get together.