A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Having a Cinderella moment

In the Grimm fairy tale of Cinderella, the Ugly Sisters cut off body parts to try and fit the Glass Slipper to win their prince.  Despite losing their toes, they didn't win their prince and you know how the story ends. Although if they were living in this day and age, they'd simply book a cosmetic appointment to do away with those pesky toes or reshape their calves and be able to wear that glass slipper following a week of recovery. With their extreme methods to make shoes fit, I definitely think they wouldn't not have a problem with today's shoes!

So are you having the same problem as me?  I love platform shoes (whether its hidden or part of the sole), at 5 foot three it gives me a bit more of a lift in the height department but sometimes I struggle to get the shoes on!  Its like my toes are struggling for space or I have to undertake some sort of toe-yoga to get my foot in (the problem mainly seems to occur with my right foot).

I'm an average size six, my feet aren't that chunky but it honestly feels like sometimes you need to resort to drastic cosmetic surgery to ensure you can wear the shoes currently available on the high street.  Well, I heard that fashion is pain, so if I want to have those extra inches, I'll have grit my teeth and keep on walking!


Pearl Westwood said...

Love the brothers Grimm! I have a tattoo on my foot too! Anyway yep I totally agree Im 5.2" and size 5.5 so I end up with either size 5 or 6 depending on where the shoes are from. To be honest I can only really find shoes that fit properly buying designer. I have been crippled by New Look and Primark and even Clarks! I just can't do it any more. I would rather fork out a shed load just to not be in pain. I find Vivienne Westwood and Chanel the perfect fit for me. But I have had two pairs of Zara boots lately in size 6 which are the perfect shape for my foot, very supportive on the arch too, and I have one pair of Topshop Boutique which are comfy. I have fairly wide feet so that tends to be my problem, so I end up with 5 too tight, 6 too long! Mind you not all designer are good for me, Jimmy Choo, Stella and Manolos are too narrow. I like how you put a photo of your feet up just to prove they werent a freaky shape LOL x

behindtheshoes said...

All I would say is don't try and put your foot or feet into a shoe(s) that are too small. Your foot /feet won't thank you for it later in life !

I sometimes find sizing on next and dorothy perkins shoes a little small.

Hope you can find the right platform shoes for you.


MyStyle said...

Hi there-yes, this why I don't have many shoes, compared to the amount of boots and sandals in my wardrobe! This could explain why as well I'm not a real shoe fanatic, compared to bags and clothes x

CameronPoe2409 said...

Pearl - I had to put the picture of my feet on, I honestly thought there was something wrong with my toes not fitting! You are so right about finding the right shoes to fit.

Behind the shoes - you are so right about looking after your feet, I honestly worry about developing the same problems as Posh Spice, I just can't do it to my feet!

My Style - I must admit I buy more shoes than boots or sandals, I probably buy a new pair of boots every 3 years or so.