A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Little bit of this, little bit of that

I have been a lazy blogger, I have a week's leave and I'm at home catching up on errands and stuff I've not been able to do until now. I've also managed to retrieve some images that I've taken over the past few months but haven't been able to load onto my laptop, due to reasons unknown to my un-technical mind.

So this post is really a little bit about a bit of that . . .

Summer shoes have staying power
Do you have summer sandals in your closet that you dig out year after year and they never date and are perfect for those sunny days?  I've got a few sandals that I've had for years that still are perfect to use. My friend Karen has these great sandals - a new purchase and a pair from last year, that will be her Summer heroes, perfect for her current holiday in Istanbul.

Zara, Istanbul, 2010

Debenhams sale, 2011
One person's trash is another person's treasure
A few years ago and you wouldn't have seen me shopping in charity shops but I've now found them to be a great way to get a retail therapy fix while supporting a charity. I still find that some charity shops are pricing themselves out of customers.  One charity raising money for charity wanted £15 for a primarni dress and £80 for a dated pair of Russell and Bromley shoes.  Here are a couple of my recent purchases...

necklace - £1

My sister thinks this looks like a bunch of plug fuses sprayed gold

I can never resist a clutch bag, and at £2.50 I thought why not!
It's never too late to re-invent your style
I've been trying to wear more everyday, casual jewellery and I'm using my 13 year old niece as inspiration.  She and her friend wear lots of little bracelets of different styles altogether.  I bought this bracelets in the Debenhams sale that I'm hoping I can use to emulate the style in my own way.

Assorted bracelets at least than £2.50 each

Always check the back of your wardrobe
No, I didn't find any spiders or forgotten cash but I did find these seventies-inspired shoes that I need to wear soon!  I fell quite ashamed that I'd forgotten about these disco divas that survived a completely mad weekend in Magaluf.

You need a bit of sparkle in your life
I bought  this brooch from a fair at the Stalls in the City event at Liverpool One  which brings loads of local arts and crafts people together in the city.  Its a really good event and another one is going to be run in September.  Its definitely worth a visit but take some pennies as you'll definitely be spending your money on some vintage treats, homemade products and foods from across Europe from Tapas to french pastries.

Sweet tooth
A new cupcake place has opened and its only five minutes walk from my house! I have only resisted it once, honest.

Sometimes you just needs shoes to make your statement
I spotted my friend Jan wearing these shoes.  Now these shoes are always complimented on and were bought a couple of years ago from a little boutique shop in Kirby Lonsdale.  Jan is rather fabulous and doesn't dress down on Fridays but wears dress up denim with diamante.  I always remember one of Jan's mottos that will stick with me as I hit forty - 40 is the new 30.


Vix said...

Gorgeous shoes (obviously 'cos you have the best shoe taste!). Love that "fuse" pendant, it's very 1970's and rather fab. x

Hazel said...

Wow! That clutch was a great find, it's lovely. I'm really liking the first two pairs of shoes too, I have a weakness fir an unusual shape of heel x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Some gorgeous things there! My favourites are the Zara shoes at the top and the cupcakes, naturally! Thanks for your lovely comment earlier xx

Please may I? said...

Loving your friends shoes.

I have loads of pairs that I go back to each year. My beloved leather flip flops (about 10 years old!) sandals too. Trouble is each year I add to the collection!

X x

Vintage Sparkle said...

I have nearly the exact same brooch bought from a catalogue years ago (littlewoods I think), it's beautiful and goes with some much!
Thanks for the comments over at my blog xx

Hazel said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - what other Benefit products do you use? I'm always on the look out for recommendations! x

Pearl Westwood said...

What great finds, I found a pair of silver shoes under my bad a few weeks ago, it is shameful isnt it forgetting all about things! I do like your fuse necklace what a great find. Over priced charity shops really make me mad, they are getting that stuff for free, I know they have over heads but you cant rip people off!!! Ive been a bad blogger lately too, Ive been so busy at work and so ill Ive just not had any time to visit everyones blogs. x

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Love the first shoes!!! Awesome shape and color!!!
Style while Roaming

CameronPoe2409 said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, I'm still finding my local charity shops are priced too high and I'm determined to catalogue all my shoes so they are not forgotten. xxx