A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Total Film Weekend

As we are still waiting for the glorious British summer to begin, I spent the weekend in, rather than enjoy drinks is a nice pub garden or  a BBQ in the sun. With torrential rain on Friday evening and the rest of the weekend dull and overcast (I'm starting to sound like a weather girl!)  I decided to indulge my inner film geek and catch up on a couple of new releases.  Friday night was spent at the cinema where my friend Kath and I watched The A Team.  This film is exactly what I expected  - just fun, loud explosions and over the top stunts.  Its what I like to class as an 'easy listening' film - you don't have to think about the message that film is trying to bring out or that the plot is so twisty you need to focus entirely on the film so you don't miss anything (word of warning that a friend has just seen Inception and taking a loo break mid film does mean that you will lose the plot trail!).  The A Team starred Bradley Cooper who can definitely rock a three-piece suit!  We complemented the film with some Ben and Jerrys ice cream - Fairly Nuts their fairtrade flavour is definitely one scoop to try or maybe two scoops is you really want to treat yourself.

Saturday night, I spent with my sister, friend Linzi and nephews.  We had a bit of a retro night as my nephew requested having a fondue for tea, surprising choice for a ten year old, I honestly expected KFC or pizza.  If you haven't had a fondue before, its a really sociable way to eat.  Its something that my parents did with me and my sisters as young children and its seems to be a small  family tradition that is carrying on.  The evening entertainment was The Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston and Clash of the Titans with Liam Neeson.  Both were okay films, not brilliant but a good way to pass the evening.  My sister and Linzi were both pleased to get their Gerry Butler fix.

Okay now the films I watched this weekend will never be critically acclaimed so I'm hoping that I can plead redemption with my final film-type thing I did this weekend.  I recorded a documentary on the Bio channel called Jaws:The Inside Story.  This two-hour documentary explained how Steven Spielberg brought the film to life.  I'm a big Spielberg fan with Jaws being in my top ten list of all-time favourite films. Jaws was the first summer blockbuster movie in the Seventies with its special effects, story of the everyman small town sheriff saving his town from the unseen menace.  My parents and aunties went to see Jaws and the pictures and recall jumping out of their seats at the key moments in the film. To be honest, it still makes me jump now despite countless viewings.  The documentary is worth watching, showing how this young director brought together all these talented people to make a film that set the trail blazing for films with special effects that we watch now such as Jurassic Park.  The only problem I have today, is that perhaps we are all spoilt and expect the best effects so that the surprise element that those cinema audiences in the seventies got when watching Jaws is something that we will never experience.  As a bit of nostalgia, I've posted the Jaws trailer for you to enjoy!.

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jamie-lee said...

I think spending the weekend in watching movies is always a perfect way to relax.. hmm can you tell I do this often? lol x