A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 5 July 2010

where do I start?

I've been neglecting my blog for the past few weeks while I've been suffering from a horrible chest infection.  I've just not had the energy to research shoes and window shop the latest that the high street has to offer. So now I'm dosing up on medicine and determined to get myself back on track.

To help kick start my research, I've treated myself to some magazines, including the latest InStyle magazine, with the fabulous Dannii Minogue gracing the front cover. She is one of my favourite style crushes, especially after last year's X Factor.  In my humble opinion, she definitely won the X-Factor fashion crown!

In the Style Candy section, they've listed a lovely pair of shoes available at asos.com that meet the nude trend while tickling your fancy with a feather embellishment. These would be lovely for a summer wedding or perhaps a day at the races.  Although I would be quite happy wearing them while doing my ironing!

I've learnt  this week that I've developed a liking for shoes with buckles, nothing wrong with that but I've found that shoes these days are designed so that the wearer struggles to fasten their shoes up as there is little room provided to actually place the strap through the buckle part - has anyone else had this problem? 

So when going out for tea with friends, I had to resort to my childhood and ask for help in fastening up my Fearne Cotton heels!

I've had no energy to be the domestic goddess that I need to be so although my house can pass for being reasonably tidy, I know that it needs a good spring clean. The first job on my list is sort my wardrobe, its got in a bit of a mess so I will consulting the tips provided by Make Do Style and giving it a complete overhaul.

This will also give me the chance to finally establish the true number of my shoe collection, I'll keep you posted on the results.


Crystal said...

A chest infection does sound truly horrible. :( Hope you're feeling better soon! Oh and I loooove those pink heels with the feather embellishment on the back. *drools*. I'd wear those anywhere, just because.

linzi0278 said...

Great blog Clare, keep it up, and those feather nude shoe's are to die for x

La Belette Rouge said...

I am so sorry that you have been ill. I hope all this shoe dreaming helps you heal(heel) fast. And like everyone else, I am loving the feather shoes. I feel like I might fly if I was wearing those.

Make Do Style said...

Oh poor you, hope you are feeling better. Nice reading mags in bed though. Also Selfridges in London best place for bra fitting.

CameronPoe2409 said...

Thank you, I am slowly recovering but its given me chance to dream about those feathered shoes!

@Make Do Style - I will add Selfridges to the list of things I need to do in London (I'm actually hoping to save up for a big city trip to include shopping and seeing Wicked!)

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Hope you get well soon :-)

Love the colour of your buckled heels.

SSG xxx

Anonymous said...

I've been slacking off myself to blog and clean my closet too, it's probably because of great weather we're experiencing lately!

Hope you'll get better by now... oh and by the way I have shoe obsession too!!!