A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Cosmos, killer heels and car boots

Ever had one of those busy weeks, followed by a fab weekend but you will actually be glad to do nothing for the next few weekends just to recover?

It's been hectic at work, working late and I had a full weekend of events to attend. First was a girls night out to celebrate my friend Laura's birthday and of course it had to start with cocktails. My sister Lady Tara and I brought the cosmo ingredients along and I think we cracked the recipe!  My friend Kath, who's been working in a luxury boutique hotel in Antigua showed us how to make some fabulous mojitos that perfectly complemented the Spotify playlist produced for the night - plenty of 80's tunes and of course Kylie's new single.  The night was the opportunity to try out my killer heels, I'm not sure if the print is leopard, but with the red heels, the shoes really stood out and received a number of complements.  They certainly lived up to their 'killer heel' tag as by 2am, those babies were in my hands rather than on my feet for the drive home after a night in Blackpool town centre. 

The next night, I celebrate my friend's Sylvia's 60th birthday, after nearly a year of planning it was finally the weekend of her retirement and landmark birthday. An amazing party which even the English weather couldn't spoil. Due to feeling delicate from the cosmo night, I volunteered to be designated driver for the night. This did mean that I finally had to drive my husband's Honda Civic, a task I've avoided all year as its too new and shiny for me to drive. I prefer my dad's car (I like to call the Valentine Limo as only I and my husband can drive in my family). God, that drive home felt like it took an age, it honestly felt like I'd just passed my driving test I was soo nervous! To drive a car with power steering was so strange, like I hardly turned the wheel.

Then Sunday, my friend Kath and I did a car boot sale.  My niece Liv joined us to sell some of her things as well as help set up our stalls as Kath is nearly eight months pregnant! After a 6.30 am start and despite the overcast day we got lots of visitors to our stalls and managed to make a bit of money, while having a great laugh.  Kath made a better profit than me by dressing up her clothes like adding scarves to jackets and it really worked a treat. I think for my next car boot, I'll do the same. The people who attend car boots fascinate me, they can go from one extreme to another - you get the people who appreciate the bargains that they are getting to others that basically want something for nothing.  You really have to haggle to agree a price that suits your needs. But I had a couple of successes and  I even managed to sell a bathroom toiletry rack to be used as a vegetable rack! 

By Sunday evening I was exhausted!  You would think that my dog had a more hectic life than me judging by this picture below of him relaxing on Sunday evening.

It was also a week of firsts, this is the first pair of print shoes I've owned and the first hot pink nail varnish I've worn according to Steff, my fabulous nail technician. Its called Cherry Melon which gave me a giggle, sounds like it could make a great name for a stripper!


Looking Fab in your forties said...

Love those shoes, where did you get them? Did you see my bargain of the day post yesterday with the Bertie shoes reduced from £90 to £27?

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

those are some hot shoes!

CameronPoe2409 said...

I got the shoes online at Additions Direct in the sales - only £15! They are really hot shoes! I will check out that Bertie post!