A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Friday, 5 July 2013

My Life in pictures

Recent-ish purchase - cute flats from Dorothy Perkins

Shoes new, house step vintage

Got my Louboutins re-soled by a great cobbler Gary at Timpsons Blackpool who really knows his shoes, good to know for future repairs

My dog Jasper, has an unfeasibly large nose in this close up

I love the Coke 'name' campaign, I found two with mine and my husband's name on them

I do have a bit of an addiction to 'full fat' coke and even though I know that one bottle can contain around 11 teaspoons of sugar I still can't resist it! As my husband now knows, coke is for Clare . . . not for sharing!

Sangria turns any rainy day into summer
Shoe's first day out, first time I've worn these yellow lovelies despite having them for over six months!
Antler bones, dogs love them (or should I say Harvey loves them) and its good for their teeth
We celebrated my mum's 65th birthday, she's on the right and I am in blue next to her
I will be defying gravity and seeing Wicked in September, am soo excited

Paris is on my mind as my current college assignment is about travel to Paris

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Pennyblossoms said...

A good cobbler is hard to find! We live in Northampton, home of shoes and there are very few here, Timpsons and one other, come to mind. Not that I have anything special that needs doing; I really must wear my VW shoes out one day!
Happy birthday to your mum!
Love those yellow shoes.
When do you finish coming to Brum?
Z xx

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

love those coke cans. hope they make their way down to SA.
I am so jealous about Wicked. It's on my bucket list.