A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 16 January 2012

I chose to make a 'statement'

This post has been long overdue . . .

I'm still struggling with feeling creative, I seriously need something to revitalise my mojo for blogging.  For this post I kept thinking of a post title like Just a splash of red or they had me at hello but if I don't post something today, I could be still here pondering my thoughts and not placing them in print by my next birthday! So here it is, a brief introduction to my Louboutins.

Back in November, I celebrated my 40th birthday.  I must stress that I celebrated and did not commiserate my fourth decade of existence.  I spent a weekend in Liverpool where I enjoyed Tapas, shopping, cocktails, 80s retro bars (well really a strange basement bar, near the Cavern, where I got the chance to dance to Chesney Hawkes without derision) and reducing the multi-cultural divide with a number of people from the Scandinavia who were visiting for that weekend's Liverpool game.  Unfortunately at the point when three gentlemen from Greenlands wanted to sing happy birthday to me in the hotel bar at 3 am, we were all sent to bed (our own rooms of course!).  

Due to my generous husband, family and friends I had a bit of money to spend, naturally a pair of shoes was always going to be at the top of my shopping list.  With a milestone birthday, I didn't just want to spend all that money on a mad shopping spree where, yeah, I could have come home with bags of high street goodies. I wanted something special and I blooming deserved it.  The past few years have been hard, so why shouldn't I treat myself.  So, I bought the Louboutins that I had fallen in love with on first sight when I spotted these purple beauties in March last year.  They cost £495, more than my car is worth but that was my choice.  I have had comments like 'I wouldn't spend that much on a pair of shoes' and I've had to bite my tongue rather than say 'those weekly and monthly trips to the high street cost you more in the long-run than I spend on shoes'.  These shoes will be worn, they will be loved and I will definitely be dancing in them.  Unfortunately I haven't had any chance to wear them yet as I haven't been anywhere but I have a wedding to go to this year and I'll be planning my outfit around them.

Now I'd been pondering whether a designer shoe purchase should be along the lines of classic or statement shoes.  But really once I'd tried on these Louboutin Bibi shoes, my mind was made up.  (Although the oyster peep toes were a close second choice).

I bought them from Cricket in Liverpool, this shop gets a lot of press coverage as its where a number of wags are pictured with the shop's printed pink, black and white bags.  Now I'm not a wag and I don't have a limitless pot of money to spend on designer gear, but I've never felt uncomfortable in this shop.  From chatting to a sales assistant about ideas in March to buying the shoes in November, the staff have been really good, very helpful and treated me really nice.   The customer service was spot on.  I can't tell you or explain to you what it felt like to walk out of that shop with that bag, I'm not sure you'd understand (unless you are a shoe lover like me) but I felt really special and was buzzing all weekend.

So, that's all I'm saying on the subject now, I'll just leave you to enjoy some more pictures of my shoes.  Speaking of pictures, I've managed to break my camera so I have enlisted the help of my niece Liv to be my official blog photographer (her picture is at the end of this post).  She's fast becoming a little fashionista herself and her talent for taking pictures is growing.

Liv (in the teal blue dress) my new blog photographer


Pearl Westwood said...

Wow you and your nice look so alike! Im so happy you got your shoes. When I bought my Ronaldo Zips not last birthday but the year before - wow time flies - I was ecstatic. Still havent worn them much but Im happy just knowing they are there. Think they will be coming to fashion week with me this time. Your Bibi's are so beautiful, I would have chosen the same colour too x

Hazel said...

These are gorgeous. When I have new shoes (designer or not) I like to get them home and on my feet asap! And if I can't find a reason to wear them I wear them to do the ironing or just whilst watching TV, where I can gaze at them adoringly.
Enjoy them, they are divine and you deserve them (you don't have to justify that to anyone).
Belated Happy 40th Birthday.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Bloody love them! Gorgeous!

Please may I? said...

They are stunning, a fantastic way to celebrate your 40th!

X x

Laurie said...

Fantastic heels! Enjoy!

Abi said...

Oh my god they are beautiful!! Such a good choice. Definitely worth the money for such a special birthday.