A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Where did my shoes take me this week?

I keep meaning to use my Twitter more and tweet daily pictures of the shoes I am wearing but haven't managed it yet but in the meantime here's a little post on what I did over the past couple of weeks. My camera is on the blink so haven't been able to upload my new pictures yet :( so I'm relying on my picture archive for this post.

I wore these shoes to celebrate a good friend leaving work, to complement my shoes I work a vintage-style lace top, khaki chinos with turn-ups and a cropped denim jacket.  This was only the second time I'd worn these 'glamazon' heels and they definitely added such much needed height to little 5'3" me.  In fact someone I've known for years said they had never seen me so tall.  After eight hours of celebration, I made 'like cinderella' and put these gorgeous shoes to bed, to be honest my poor feet were aching but I have to say for the first five hours of wear I walked tall, they made me feel so confident.  So perhaps next time I'll be more confident and post a picture of myself.
cocktails are the only way to commiserate
In case you didn't know Adele cancelled a lot of her tour dates, including Blackpool for which I had tickets.  As we had been looking forward to it, me and some of my friends decided to still go out as planned (during the night at least one place played Adele songs to cheer us up).  I wanted to check out a new bar that's opened in Blackpool that I'd heard did amazing cocktails, well it sounds like something I had to research!  The Revolution Bar Blackpool lived up to my expectations, the cocktails were fabulous and finally a chic, city-style bar had arrived in our seaside town.  You honestly don't know how hard it is to get a decent mojito in this town! The absence of Adele was fully compensated by some Raspberry mojitos and a cocktail that was part milkshake, part alcohol and 100% dreamy.

Viva the Blackpool cocktail revolution

My hard-working shoes

Now these shoes took me through a long, long week at work. I am a bit gutted that I've managed to damage them in a work-related incident - I managed to scuff them when I was adjusting my computer chair and I don't know how I managed to do that.   I  am a sucker for patent shoes and scratches aren't that easy to cover up so I am researching some ways to repair the situation so watch this space.

Finally, these sandals took me on two trips to the cinema.  The first was to see The Inbetweeners with my husband.  Now going to the cinema used to be a big part of our early dating ritual (god, I sound like David Attenborough) but we realised that we hadn't been to the pictures together in years. We've just been so busy with life in general that we'd forgotten how much we enjoyed going to the 'pics' so I'm hoping to plan more outings.  My second trip was to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes with my sister and nephews.  Both films were completely different but both really enjoyable.  I just wish I could go to the cinema more often but why is it so blinking dear?! Unfortunately, I have a ridiculous addiction to the Ben and Jerrys ice cream sundaes that I need to curb that's adding to the cost bit I just can't resist.

Where have your shoes taken you recently?

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Please may I? said...

Super cute pair of heel. Not surprised you feet ached though. Shame about the gig being cancelled. Always the way when your looking forward to something!

X x