A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 22 March 2010

My latest city break - Krakow

I still can't get my head around the weight restrictions for luggage; I either end up paying for a too-heavy case (costing me an additional £25 for my trip to Vegas last March) or having a lighter suitcase when I really could have fit an extra pair of shoes in there. Like my recent trip to Krakow, for instance. I definitely would have benefitted from taking my Kurt Geiger pixie boots to create a cool yet practical city-break outfit. Luckily, I had the chance to test out my new pair of Uggs (classic and grey - a 2009 christmas present from the husband) needed for the snowy weather.

Krakow is a beautiful city, well worth taking a visit to enjoy the beautiful buildings, culture, food and drink. It's hard to believe that its only started getting tourists in the early 1990s. Our tour, guide Isabella, explained that one of the reasons the city started getting visitors was due to the Speilberg film Schindlers List We'd booked the three hour The Jewish District and the Footsteps of 'The Schindlers List' Production tourhttp://www.cooltourcompany.com/index-krakow.html provided by the Cool Tour Company. Although we walked in the biting cold and snow, the tour provided us with a lot of information about Krakow that we wouldn't have gained walking around by ourselves with a guidebook.

An Irish Bar - Nic Nowego - is worth a visit, the food is gorgeous, I had one of the best greek salads there. www.nicnowego.com

We were also celebrating our first wedding anniversary so enjoyed a lovely steak dinner and bottle of red wine before finishing the night at the Paparazzi Bar -http://www.paparazzi.com.pl/ - where they boasted that they made the best cocktails in Krakow.

After a night of rigorous cocktail-testing, I can confirm that they are completely right! After starting with my all-time favourite Mojito, I left my choice of cocktails to the fabulous barman who proceeded to work his way through the cocktail menu on my behalf. It also meant I discovered a new favourite cocktail - the Apple Martini - completely gorgeous. If you take a visit to Krakow, you must go and try the cocktails there!

Never forget
On our last day, we visited Auschwitz, there's is not a lot I can or want to say in a blog post. I don't want it to seem trivial when its not. I still can't stop thinking about it . . . the horror, the evil that people can do to one another. It justs seems so unbelievable that this could happen yet it did. But perhaps that's the point, no-one should forget.

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