A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Cheap can still be chic

I need to point that I love shoes of all colours, sizes, shapes and prices. Even the cheapest charity shop finds can result in the finishing touch to that planned outfit. A pair of £4.95 black peep-toe courts from the cancer charity shop up the road are my trusty work shoes for the summer months.

My latest aquisition from Shoemarket (before I gave up shoes for lent) were some black patent platform heels (pictured) that resemble some of the heels worn currently by Eva Mendes and Jennifer Lopez. The only difference is that mine cost £14.99 not around $500!


Anonymous said...

I just love black patent. Before the days of synthetics we used to rub the patent with butter to make is super shiny and supple. I am so glad that patent has made a come back as it is so flattering (I must go check out those in Shoemarket). What you young ones should remember is to save your favourite shoes even when they are no longer in fashion. You will be able to resurrect them in the future as they surely will return on trend. Sadly as I have got older my favourite footwear is Ugg boots and fitflops. I go for comfort these days. I have just bought another pair of sparkly fitflops for the summer. I had heard that they were going to make some with chrystals on (You know the S ones that I can't spell). I thouught I would hold out for them. However check out the fitflop website (or may be it was the harrods website). They are only availabe at the Harrods and unfortunatley are £150, Out of my price now I'm a pensioner. So I just bought the same as last year in another colour.

CameronPoe2409 said...

I'll have to remember that tip for sprucing up my patent shoes! I know what you mean about how flattering patent shoes can be, they are the perfect companion for the LBD! Whilst I prefer my heels, I do sometimes have to choose comfort over style. For Christmas I received my first pair of Uggs and they have served me well, especially on a recent trip to Krakow. Will definitely check out those sparkly fit flops, may sure you check out Skechers, they have brought out a range of 'fit' footwear.