A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Shoe of the week

Its now just over four months away from my 40th birthday and I've been promised a pair of shoes as a present, so naturally I'm over-excited and thought I should start a list of potential candidates.

Inspired by blogger Fashion Pearls of Wisdom who is a great ambassador for Vivienne Westwood, I decided to do a little online research into the shoes that Dame Westwood has to offer a shocaholic like me. Of course, there are some great contenders for my present selection. 

Like America's Next Top Model, I need to narrow down my list from hundreds down to a select few or else I would need more than four months to make my choice, so here is my favourite two.

So firstly I spotted the Anglomania x Melissa Lady Dragon Heart Shoe and then I feel in love with these Skyscraper heels.  Both available on the Triads website and they are definitely on my list.


MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-wow, these are both gorgeous shoes, I adore Vivienne Westwood and Melissa designs they are lovely!! Hope you have a great week ahead xx

Please may I? said...

my eldest has these they are stunning and smell great too!

unfortunately one of her heels have snapped so i am hoping they will change them for her.

x x

Pearl Westwood said...

They should give me a job shouldn't they ha ha! I tried the skyscrapers on the only thing I would be worried about is that on the flat version the made the flocking went bald where it had rubbed a bit. They look really glam though. I have four pairs of the lady dragons so I guess I do love them best!!

Vintage Sparkle said...

Oh my god, the red ones are AMAZING!!! Love, love, love!