A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

I left my heart in San Francisco but brought back some Marc Jacobs

I'm a bit fed-up in the moment, had some rubbish news about an existing health condition . . .which is making my weight problems increase :( So I am taking comfort in my shoe collection!

My most expensive and treasured shoes are a pair of Marc Jacobs that I bought in San Francisco in November 2004.  As I've said before, I'm not materialistic at all, I just love shoes!

It was our first visit to America and San Fran was our first choice to get a taste of the American Dream.  I have so much to say about this city, it is such an amazing place to visit that I will have to write a separate post about it.  Now back to the Marc Jacobs.

As you know, if you go to America then you definitely have to set aside some time for a little bit of shopping.  I indulged my GAP obsession, browsed the Macy's aisles and visited the Levis flagship store but planned prior to the visit to also treat myself to some designer shoes.  I'm not a experience fashionista so can't provide a serious and thorough explanation on why I chose Marc Jacobs over Jimmy Choo or Manolos.  I just simply like his designs and style.

So, on one of the shopping days planned into our week's itinerary, I visited Saks Fifth Avenue to chose my first pair of designer heels.  The Shoe Salon was in the basement and what I really like about this store was that whether you were wearing designer clothes or combats and flip flops (like me) you were treated as a valued customer.  It didn't take me long until I chose some gorgeous blue suede heels with gold crossover strap detail to take home with me.  They are a pleasure to walk in or just perfect to take out of the box to look at. Whilst they really can 'dress up' a pair of skinny jeans, the only problem I have is that I have yet to find the perfect dress or suit to wear with them.  Any suggestions?

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Vintage Sparkle said...

I stumbled across this old post of yours and had to write!! I love, love, love these shoes!! On my 19th birthday I had my first credit card and went to Harvey Nichols and decided to treat myself to my first (and to this day only!!) pair of designer heels. Went in expecting to walk out with Choos or Manolos but ended up falling for a pair of dark purple, suede, sensible heeled Marc Jacobs. I never really had anywhere to wear them so they pretty much sat in the box until my wedding day earlier this year! xx