A girl can never have too many shoes!

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Nude shoes on the block

Sadly my bargain, value-range nude shoes went to that big shoe-box in the sky a few weeks ago.  I think over-use may have been the cause of their demise. Their lifespan of a year and half against a cost of £13 meant I really had them for a longer time than their life expectation.  I woke up one day after a girl's night out to find them in a state of disrepair [I blame that bottle of house rose wine I was enjoying!].

I was a bit cheesed off at having to chuck them out but my husband couldn't understand why I'd be bothered about a cheap pair of shoes when I have a pair of designer shoes in my wardrobe.  He doesn't understand that a nude pair of shoes is essential in every woman's shoe collection.  So after raising a glass [when will I learn?] to my faithful outfit essentials, I went searching for a replacement pair, finding these Ravel shoes in a sale at £32. 

Handle With Care
Hopefully these will last a little longer than my last pair but judging by my first night out in them I am not too sure... I managed to walk around Blackpool Town Centre, slightly risky with the new cobblestone square.   I survived a night watching and cheering on Spain in the Euro, several sambuca shots were consumed during this time.  I even danced to some old school house music without stumbling over BUT could not manage to walk up the two shot steps to my front door without falling on my bum.   It literally felt like I was flying through the air but then again I was wearing some extremely high platforms!  The shoes have survived albeit with a little scratch, the same can't be said for my ego!

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dinoprincesschar said...

I have been known to replace a pair of shoes when they've come to the almost-end of their shoe shelf-life and yet not get rid of the replaced pair. In some instances I have ended up with two pairs of almost worn out shoes, being the oriuginals and the ones I'd replaced them with - they then need replacing again but I find it so hard to throw the first ones out!